My Persian Cat Is Stubborn

by Marck

Sometimes my Persian cat is stubborn and keeps running always from me.. for the reason that she wants to go outside of the house… what should I do?


Hi Marck…. nice to hear from the Philippines. Nice to hear that you have a Persian cat. How common are purebred cats in the Philippines?

It seems that your cat is a full-time indoor cat. Am I correct? Just leave a comment to answer.

If I am right your cat is doing what all cats will tend to do which is be inquisitive about what is outside. He wants to go out – natural and normal. Cats as we know are naturally inquisitive but are unaware of the dangers created by people.

My personal view is that all domestic cats should have the right to go out but only if it is safe. That means going out on a leash (like a dog) or into an enclosure or closely supervised. It may not be possible for you to build an enclosure but Finn in Norway did and he also takes his cats for walks on a leash (see links below).

Many Americans disagree with me. They say it is safer to keep a cat indoors permanently. They are correct but it is also potentially very boring for the cat.

If the cat is permanently indoors you have to substitute the kind of stimulation that a cat would get outside. Most people don’t have the time to play with their cat a lot and to create an environment indoors that is similar to one outside.

Lastly, cats are stubborn and persistent. All cats are. They get their way in the end! We should learn from that.

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Hope these give some ideas. Leash training can be tricky it depends on the individual cat. It is best to train from a young age (first seven weeks).

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My Persian Cat Is Stubborn

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Aug 09, 2011 MY CAT IS LIMPING
by: Anonymous

well, your right, the reason why i always intend to lock her indoors s that im afraid of loosing her and as well as im afraid of getting her ran over by vehicles.. lol… now problem with my 4 month old kitty is, she is limping and i think there’s a problem with her left leg in which i think she is in pain, howver, sometimes she seems running like normal but sometimes, she is limping and seems to suffering a pain…

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