My Prologue to Rainstar’s Quest

My Prologue to Rainstar’s Quest

by Lilyflower

“Time to gather!” a voice called into the darkness.

At first it seemed as if there were no cats out there at all but then the sound of mews coming closer proved that there were cats waiting in the fog.

Suddenly the cats came into view. A tortoiseshell stepped out and asked “Why have you called us here Nightstorm?”

“I have bad news. A terrible darkness is loose in the forest and…”

“What is it?” interrupted a voice. “That I cannot say.” he replied.

“But I know we must choose a leader who can lead away from the darkness and to a safe place.” “Where will they find a safe place?” the tortoiseshell asked.

“A place past the mountains and then over some hills.”

“Who should we choose to lead them?” asked another cat.The cats gathered around a pool and looked down on the living cats below.

“That warrior looks strong enough.” said one cat.

“But he is too arrogant!” said another.

“What about this apprentice?” asked a voice.

The cats turned to stare at the cat who spoke. He looked down at his paws in embarrassment.

“That is a foolish choice!” one cat exclaimed. “We need an experienced warrior for this job, it won’t be easy.”

“I understand Darkfall, but she is young and strong and full of determination.” explained the cat who had suggested her.

“I remember that cat from when she was a kit. I was alive then. She was always adventurous! I think she is the right choice! If anyone can lead them, she can. I agree with Spottedfern.”

“Then it is settled.” said the first cat as the other cats mewed agreement. “She is destined to rescue the clans!”


From My Prologue to Rainstar’s Quest to Warrior Cats

{Note to people not familiar with Warrior Cats: this is a short piece of writing by a Warrior cats devotee. PoC had instigated a writing competition and this has come from that}

See for example: Broken Destiny

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