My Ragdoll cats pull towels off racks and roll in them. Why?

Ragdoll cats that like rolling in bathroom towels
The Ragdoll cats that like rolling in bathroom towels.Photo by via Facebook.
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A question by the lady who runs the FB webpage

“I have a question for my Ragdoll friends. I have 3 Ragdolls and they live to pull the towels off my towel racks and Roll in them on the floor. Anyone else have this happening ? BTW a toilet paper roll has never been a challenge they have ignored !”

I’ll try and answer it. I am only one voice though. I might be wrong….

Note: This lady has gloriously beautiful and large Ragdoll cats.

Answer: The towels are full of the cat owner’s scent because she has dried herself on them. When the towels are a bit damp after being used the smell of the scent is probably enhanced because the water in the towel evaporates and the particles of scent are carried with the water that is evaporating.

If the towels are used by someone else then that person’s scent will be on the towel. Either way, the Ragdoll cats love their caretaker and/or her partner and want to exchange scent.

Pulling the towels off the rack is just bringing them to the ground where the cats can roll in them to exchange scent, effectively.

This is similar to cats rubbing against your legs when, for example, you feed them or are about to feed them.

Scent exchange is an expression of friendship and it makes the environment even more friendly for the cat because they have an acute sense of smell and the smell of a place is the way they recognise it and feel at home within it. If their scent is on things, the place is more friendly. What is the human equivalent? Handshaking, kissing, hugging, nose-rubbing (New Zealand) and so on but these are not as effective as scent exchange.

If you want to summarise, the reason why this lady’s Ragdoll cat pull the towels of the racks and roll in them is because they are friends with their caretaker and want to express and reinforce that.

I hope that answers the question. I’ll post this short article on the FB page.

5 thoughts on “My Ragdoll cats pull towels off racks and roll in them. Why?”

  1. Exactly, you guys.
    Just for today (and because I’m really tired), if Damon bonds his scent with mine any more than he already has, I’ll throw myself under a train!

  2. Great diagnosis Michael. I also would add to that the simple fact that cats like to roll around on loose things – sheets, grass, dirt, laundry – whatever – Molly has a special blanket on the living room floor which she loves to roll on and she nuzzles her way under it and then pounces on whoever goes by from under it. 🙂

    They like to roll around but the scent thing makes alot of sense if you single out bathroom towels.


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