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My Rescue Cat With The Saddest Face — 2 Comments

  1. I was given a declawed Persian by the name of Cyrus by an elderly woman about 20 years ago. He was a sad little cat who trusted no one and never purred. I renamed him Snowball because he looked like a little ball of snow. He had been through quite a bit of abuse by the time I got him but this woman had no idea she abused the cat. She knew nothing about cats. Her daughter had given her the cat for her birthday and the first thing she did was have him declawed. He was very small. His long white hair made him look a lot bigger than he was. He weighed only eight pounds. He now had no defenses except his teeth and he was so small that his teeth did him no good. I had two other cats and they began to protect Snowball. Snowball desperately wanted to visit the outdoors even though he had access to a patio from the back of my apartment. I finally put a small leash on him and took him to the front for visits where he loved to roam about and eat grass. At night he began to sleep cuddled against me and after a couple of years he began to purr. He played with my other cats and he lived a happy life in the end until he died with squamous cell carcinoma in 2002. Both I and my other cats grieved deeply for him. Snowball never bit me in all the years I had him though at first he would try before he came to trust me.

    • I enjoyed reading your comment. It was a bit like reading a short story and it is a very sweet little short story. I’m very pleased that Snowball met you and had a good life with you.

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