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My name is Zachariah Atteberry. I recently went completely off the grid so I could focus on my mental health since my world was collapsing onto itself. I found out that I am ADHD and have borderline personality disorder in addition to being diagnosed autistic. I have written two books up to this point which are highly successful. I have a high sense of accomplishment as I also run a cat rescue. I am hoping that this site will have me back even though I have not been around very much. The new diagnosis list has made tremendous sense out of my past.

ADHD is basically concentration dysregulation and borderline personality disorder is emotional dysregulation. You can imagine the problems that I was having as I couldn’t focus for five minutes on something not cat related. I would go from being happy to tossing a computer and from trusting a friend to wanting to toss them over a cliff to be quite blunt about it. Come to find out, many of my problems were resulting from trauma that resulted from childhood issues. I have quite a bit of knowledge to share from personal experience and professional education. Below is a full list of my credentials.

  • Licensed Veterinary Technician
  • Advanced Pharmacy Technician
  • Veterinary Pharmacy Certification
  • Licensed Cat Behavior Consultant
  • Licensed Shelter Consultant (Cats)
  • Pet Loss Grief Consultant
  • Autism Specialist

I look forward to sharing my wealth of knowledge with you all so that we can truly build a community of caring cat owners. I have won about 15 awards for my unique writing style and creative articles up to this point through the Cat Writer’s Association. I may not always catch all of my typos or write with clarity all of the time as my ADHD has me trailing off into a tangent sometimes. This is the reason I wrote such large posts – I would forget where I was, what I already wrote, and so on. But I am going to work on shorter posts to make it easier for me and others. Less stress in the long run too if I am being honest about it.

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  1. Hi Zach, you know that I am a great admirer of your achievements and accomplishments despite your difficulties with mental health. I think you do great work and you write well too! Keep it up and keep going, please. Persistence is a great way to achieve one’s objectives. Pretty well anything that is good in life takes persistence and consistency. And believe that you do good work. Don’t be bogged down by negative thoughts. I don’t think you do because what you have achieved is based upon positivity. Thanks for dropping by once again and I wish you well for the future. And stay safe because it’s been a difficult time for all of us during this pandemic.

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