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  1. I hope you don’t mind me asking for health advice for my cat Gabby who is 9 years old,has always been very fit but is now limping a bit. Looks like arthritis in her left back leg. It’s not too bad at the mo so I googled it up and there are some things that help but she isn’t complaining so do you think I should give here suppliments to help.If it was worse I would of course take her to the vet thanks for any feed back

    • I have uploaded them in a comment of mine. Great pictures. They failed to upload because they exceeded the size limit. Thanks for updating us. Wonderful Rula. I love your cat.

  2. Hi Michael and all at PoC, thought I’d give you an update on Rula my runaway Siberian.He was so afraid of people when I first took him in it was 2 and a half years ago now time flies and he’s about 4 years old now.As of quite recently he’s become more friendly and playful which is really pleasing for me to see the real him. I think he was mistreated even before the people down the road had him. here are some recent photos of him

  3. I have some more recent photos of who I called my runaway siberian cat he has put on about a kilo in weight and his ruff is longer this winter so i thought I’d send you these Michael to look at

    • Hi Valerie. Yes please do. My email address is:


      Change the [at] for @ to make it work. I have to write the email address this way to stop people using it who are dishonest.

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