My Runaway Siberian Cat

by valerie

My red tabby with big bushy tail thick winter coat and full ruff who I think is a runaway siberian

My red tabby with big bushy tail thick winter coat and full ruff who I think is a runaway siberian

Me and my neighbors saw this cat out a lot last summer and realised that he was left out to fend for himself so we were both feeding him as he was quite thin but fairly large for a young cat.

We both spoke to the owners who insisted they were feeding him and told me that he ate then went out, how inconsiderate of him !!

I decided to take him in and a friend told me that another friend of hers had a cat just like this and she had paid £500 for her and that she is a Siberian cat and I must say I had never seen a cat with a big bushy tail like that.

I had him neutered and microchipped so it would seem that he had not been sold without being chipped so possibly is a runaway as that does happen.

He is really chunky now and lovely with his ruff and winter coat he loves to be out in the snow !!

Update 9th Jan 2013. I have a couple of new pictures:

Siberian cat with red tabby coat


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My Runaway Siberian Cat

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Feb 12, 2012 his girlfriend Lulu !
by: Valerie

I have now taken on the little female that he came with , they were just not looking after her at all my grandchildren thought she was a kitten but she'd had three kittens of her own and she was so thin and tiny . I've had her spayed and chipped too, she is a really dark tortie (see picture below) and only weighed 2.9 kg's and he Rula is much happier with her here too !! I already had 2 older cats so its a bit like a cattery here now lol. I would like to know where he came from ,so if anyone knows who i can look to for help it would be helpful also if he is full bred i could let the breeder know that he is safe and well !!

siberian cat

Feb 12, 2012 Boss cat
by: Michael

He looks like a boss cat. A quiet alpha male. Orange cats are meant to have good characters that are suited to leadership roles!

In other words they can become leaders in groups of cats.

Feb 11, 2012 A cat needs more than food, love !!
by: Anonymous

Majestic looking cat, what a shame previous owners were just feeding him & then he would roam about, those type of people shouldn't have animals if they think food as all the animal needs. Our pets need food, housing as well as emotional support plus lots of love, they reward us likewise. Ruth delighted that as a true cat lover, had him neutered & microchipped he now knows that you love him & he has a furever home.
A wonderful turnout to a sad tale.

Southeast Arizona, a cat lover

Feb 11, 2012 Very Handsome
by: Michael

He is a very good looking cat. He look as if he could be a purebred cat as he has a refinement.

We won't know if he is a purebred unless you are lucky in your research.

Purebred cats are registered with cat associations. There should be a full record at a cat association for him if he is a genuine purebred.

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My Runaway Siberian Cat — 8 Comments

  1. I hope you don’t mind me asking for health advice for my cat Gabby who is 9 years old,has always been very fit but is now limping a bit. Looks like arthritis in her left back leg. It’s not too bad at the mo so I googled it up and there are some things that help but she isn’t complaining so do you think I should give here suppliments to help.If it was worse I would of course take her to the vet thanks for any feed back

    • I have uploaded them in a comment of mine. Great pictures. They failed to upload because they exceeded the size limit. Thanks for updating us. Wonderful Rula. I love your cat.

  2. Hi Michael and all at PoC, thought I’d give you an update on Rula my runaway Siberian.He was so afraid of people when I first took him in it was 2 and a half years ago now time flies and he’s about 4 years old now.As of quite recently he’s become more friendly and playful which is really pleasing for me to see the real him. I think he was mistreated even before the people down the road had him. here are some recent photos of him

  3. I have some more recent photos of who I called my runaway siberian cat he has put on about a kilo in weight and his ruff is longer this winter so i thought I’d send you these Michael to look at

    • Hi Valerie. Yes please do. My email address is:


      Change the [at] for @ to make it work. I have to write the email address this way to stop people using it who are dishonest.

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