My Scottish Fold Symphony

by Sharene
(NW. IN. USA.)


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This is my kitty Symphony. She was the best cat I ever had with the cutiest routine every night that we called "the symphony shuffle".

When it was bed time my baby girl would jump on my chest as I layed down for bed and she would use her front paws to kneed my chest and then head butt me in my face turn around to then kneed my stomach always putting her butt in my face LOL.

It used to bother me and I would blow on her butt and she would turn around kneed my chest again and head but some more and I would slowly turn to my side and she would sleep in the middle of my arm and chest.

This was her routine every night plus if my husband would head to bed before me she would do everything she could to annoy me like walking across my keyboard or head but the x-box controler until I said ok lets go to bed LOL.

And then and only then would she stop.. she was the smartest and sweetiest cat I ever have had.

Sadly she became ill and the vet was unable to save her. For 4 years now I haven't found another Scottish Fold within an affordable price range let alone to spend so much money for one and be forced to have it fixed is just unbelievable.

I am still looking to once again have another Scottish Fold. I have no other pets and only have been waiting to find another female Scottish Fold not for breeding or anything but just for the loving bond I had with Symphony and her father Mario.

He was a character himself. He was a wild cat that I got the chance to love and handle for 3 years before old age caught up with him. He lived along 13 years as a wild outdoor cat until he meet me and then his last years were full of love and tons of petting, so for anyone that thinks a wild cat can't be tamed they're wrong because it just takes a while to build their trust.

Of coarse can's of cat food slowly getting them closer and closer to you each day while sitting beside them and they will learn to trust you and one day if you build their trust you might just make a new friend like I did...

If anyone does know where I could find an affordable Scottish Fold without being made to have her fixed plase email me at: sh************@ao*.com

Thank you and have a wonderful cat day


My Scottish Fold Symphony to Scottish Fold Cat

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