My Semi-feral kitten (photo)!

Here is Gabriel. I am fostering him. He is certainly semi-feral. He is very uncertain about humans — correctly 😉 . It is going to be about patience. A lot of patience. Here he is hiding under a bedside table. I can’t get him out and I won’t try. When he is hungry he’ll ask me and come out but in the meantime I check up on him every 20 minutes. He has water and if push comes to shove I’ll put some food down for him. Certainly overnight I will put down some food. It is going to be about reward based training to socialize him. Any advice?

He is a nice looking tabby cat. Probably a mackerel tabby. He is quite stocky. He licked my hand when we drove back while he was inside the carrier – hopeful sign!

He now hisses at me 😉 In true wildcat-style anything fast moving disturbs him. It has to be super-slow and calm.

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  1. Sing to him. That’s how I won over Monty. That and lots of food. And singing while I gave him the food.

    He needs a song.

    Monty has his own song (to the tune of “Goodnight Ladies”) and my sister’s cat Kobe has his own song, consisting of his name three times on the first tone of the scale, on the fifth, and then split between the third and the tonic. (1-1, 5-5, 3-1.) You will have to come up with your own, of course, as these two are taken.

  2. Howdy Leah –

    J-A-A-A-Y-Z-I-S! (as the Irish would say). (Hope I don’t offend you. I try top subscribe more or less to Christian principles: the only thing I object to is a life after death.)

    Your comments were graphic – hideously so – and I can only imagine what you must have gone through, not to mention the added suffering to your kitty-man and the extra expense. And yes – I know – even a close, trusted friend can give you a massive stroke. Tell me about it. I know. I know. As my mother was always saying, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself.’

    Not sure I could take my own advice re joint custody, though Michael seemed to be wandering through the Valley of the Shadow – not quite of Death, but grinding sorrow, which is why I was flailing about a bit, trying to come up a palliative.

    I hope your poor Mr. Jinks is feeling better, despite his permanent gimp, and DON’T EVER TRUST ANYONE AGAIN. Dismal advice, but probably true. What’s more, things could have ended up even hairier than what you’ve described. Don’t know about the English, but Americans are wildly litigious. You probably didn’t do this to her, but would she have done it to you? Though it goes w/o saying your friendship would have twirled down the drain, you might have been able to wrest a reasonable sum of money out of your friend – more than enough to cover every penny (shilling, whatever) of the costs of additional vet bills, not to mention the pain and suffering resulting from her flagrant negligence.

    I admire anyone with the strength and fortitude to foster cats – I would keel over. They’d have to call the meat wagon and haul me off to the rendering plant. Your kids have a wonderful home!

  3. Aww Michael He is Beautiful, Does look like a Mackerel Kitten. I never had a feral kitten so I can’t comment. I think what everyone else has said is the right thing to do. I guess it will take time as he does look abit timid and probley Frightened. Finally got the house back to ourselves so Cats can go anywhere on anything and do what they do best!! Jasmine at moment is chasing fly’s and loving being an adventures kitten. I hope for the best at least it will keep you busy and eventually the kitten will gain your trust.

  4. I had a feral kitten in the litter of LAILA, he was very very rude. He bit me 3 times within 5 minutes on my hand and my hand started bleeding. I enjoyed that wild manner but I never stopped to pick him up and after the third attempt, he was used to my touch.

    I never got consulted from a doctor because I did not care about the swellings and blood. And I knew it well, with these bites I could never turn to a CAT MAN (like SPIDER MAN got bit by a spider). But I was wrong. I really turned into a cat man. I cut my nails every Friday now, because I scratch my two little daughters when they do any harmful play to each other. They look at me as to say”what now?” I hiss on them. SSSsssshhhh…stop playing in this way, you will get injured.

    Well this was a bit joke with respected friend Michael Broad <3

    But congratulations! Thousand claps, and many hugs (if people of ENGLAND won't mind it) 😉

    This kitten Michael, is the friendliest of ever been. I bet on this. I was wondering how old he is?????

    If he is less than 8-10 weeks old, then let him roam free in your home and discover his new place. Let him do what he wishes to go on. But keep as same eye as a tigress do with the cubs. Tame him according to a house hold cat. never let him out. FERAL means FERAL in blood. The DNA of a feral kitten is the same as his ancestors so maybe not this kitten but his next and then next generation will become a pure household cat. NEVER EVER LET YOUR FERAL KITTENS OR CATS OUTSIDE, let me say it again, NEVER EVER! … Congrats again and I pray for him and you MICHAEL, NOW be sure and hard to adopt him, means you are doing the best love giving job if he stays to you, ONLY YOU. His eyes tells me something, YOU BOTH ARE BORN FOR EACH OTHER and don't miss this time, don't let him go <3 <3 <3 🙂


  5. what a beautiful kitten I love him , but there’s no advice I can give you as most of the other comments correctly cover every angle so just be yourself go about your routine and he will join in when he is ready I personally would leave dry food down 24/7 and only feed wet tasty food when your close by and split these into little and often hope things work out for both of you I know you will not give up on him

    • Thank you Kevin for your advice. He is a beautiful kitten if only I can get a chance to see him 😉 . At the moment he hides almost all the time and I have to use all my trickery and guile to get him to come out. This is going to be slow process and patience will be my guiding motto 😉

  6. My first chance to get a glimpse of Gabriel. He’ adorable.
    As they say, “Slow and steady wins the race”.
    I think you are doing well to just let him absorb your calm presence and voice for awhile.


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