My Siamese Cats Koko and Mandesa

My Siamese Cats Koko and Mandesa

by Michelle M
(Stockton, California)

My Siamese Cats Koko and Mandesa

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My Siamese Cats Koko and Mandesa

I adopted both of my Siamese kitties from a local shelter in 2004 and 2005 and I couldn't be happier despite the "yelling" as I like to call it. Koko is a 11 year old traditional (rounded) Siamese who is very calm and collected. She moves with a purpose and can get very moody. When she meets new people she figures out if they are worth her time and if they are not she will not look at them nor let them pet her.

Koko is the epitome of kitty prima donna. Mandesa is 4 years old and she is a modern Siamese and acts like a kitten all the time. She loves to be babied and sits on my lap all the time and she is also prone to yelling in my face to get her point across. She is addicted to clawing wood even though I got a wooden post just for her, she is a trouble maker and loves to test the limits.

Mandesa jumps everywhere and loves to knock things over whereas Koko doesn't jump high anymore and would never knock anything down.

It took about a month for the moody Koko to get used to sharing the spotlight with a freewheelin' kid but now they are the best of friends. Siamese cats are wonderful for their inquisitive nature and loving disposition. No matter how moody Koko is or how quirky Mandesa is they know if I have had a rough day and they are both at my lap to try and help.

I love that I have Siamese cats that look so different from each other as well and it gives me the chance to explain the breed history to people when they see my girls for the first time. I would like to introduce the girls to a little "sister" one day but I'm not sure how they would take it so I'm gonna let a good thing keep going and keep it how it is.

This breed is perfect for me because being a single young woman it can be nice to come home to a cat that will actually talk to me instead of sleep on the furnace. Siamese cats are fantastic!


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My Siamese Cats Koko and Mandesa

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Jan 19, 2010
My boy
by: Phil Baxter (Hobe sound,fl)

When I was a teenage i had a bluepoint, he would follow me around while I did my newspaper route over 40 houses at least two hours. If i went to fast he would meow for me to slow down,,,he lived to be over 15

Jul 22, 2009
Fantastic Siamese
by: Anonymous

Nice story and lovely photograph. It is nice to hear from you as you live with a modern and a traditional Siamese cat. My mother lived with Siamese cats for a long time. Siamese cats are extremely popular for a good reason.

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