My Sister’s Cat Really Doesn’t Like Me

“You can see he is ticked…I don’t know what I have ever done to make him not like me…he bit me….”

Cat bites person

Cat bites person

“My sister’s cat, Max, hates me for some reason. The first time I saw the cat it hissed at me right away, and that is pretty much the way it has been since day one. I am a total cat lover, and I have never been mean to this cat……”

Please watch the video. My immediate impression is that this gorgeous grey cat has been declawed. This post is not really about declawing. It is about cat behavior and our interaction with our cat.

When a cat smacks an adversary, as we see in the video, the claws are always out (extended). Every time. A cat will keep his/her claws in when tapping a friend (to, for example, wake him/her up) but this is an aggressive smack and the claws should be out and the person could only try this stunt once because he would have a bloody hand after the first strike. There would be absolutely no possibility that he could go on doing what he is doing – provoking this cat – pushing his hand towards him/her again and again.

I can’t be absolutely sure but my assessment as is stated — that this cat has been declawed. We know the video was made in America because the video maker’s voice is American. And we know that nearly all veterinarians in America declaw cats and about a third of domestic cats in America are declawed. This increases the chances of my assessment being correct.

Okay, unless I hear to the contrary, I am compelled to conclude that this cat is declawed, which leads me to the further conclusion that he or she may be in pain and discomfort (based upon Dr. Kirten Doub’s findings) and indeed may have a dislike for this person not because this person has been nasty to him/her but because he resembles somebody who has been nasty to him and that person may have been a veterinarian. Or this cat is just pissed off because of the discomfort.

What is your assessment? Can anything be done to rectify the situation? X-ray of the paws for bone shards for example? Who knows?

Note: sources for news articles are carefully selected but the news is often not independently verified.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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11 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    I know it’s extremely late in the day, but I have to say that the vet should be in trouble for this! And de-clawing should be against the law. Animals with claws NEED them.

  2. kylee says:

    I think its the humans fault as cats never do it on purpose unless provoked or stressed also cats always know if someone isnt a cat person. They can sense it. They always know if someone doesnt like them. I remember tammy whos not with me now she used to get angry at some people as im sure she could sense they werent the right people and it turned out they werent so i believe often its human error.

  3. Barbara says:

    Cruel, stupid idiot shouldn’t be within half a mile of a cat, I dread to think how many millions of cats have things like this to put up with on a day to day basis, having to put up with it with sore painful paws must be hell on earth. This scumbag and his sister want kicking sky high.

    • Looks bad. You agree with me that this cat has not claws? Do you think I have that correct, Babz?

      • Barbara says:

        I do agree, you can hear Max’s paw slapping on the person’s hand, if he had claws I don’t think it would, I think just the claws would make contact, nor do I think the man would keep going back for more of the same, it also looks to me as though Max is frightened of the camera or whatever the person is holding because his eyes seems to move between two points, one the man and the other the camera. Max has made it plain he doesn’t want to interact, he’s under a table or in a cupboard or something, why doesn’t he just leave him be. I can’t believe he hasn’t had the severe biting he so richly deserves and for which the cat would no doubt get the blame.

  4. Dee (Florida) says:

    In agreement that Max is declawed.
    This fool could have given viewers a much better viewing experience had he backed in naked toward Max. I could have gotten into some ball slapping and biting!

  5. Jo Singer says:

    I am totally livid after watching this “cruelty to animals” video. Because that is exactly what it is. That man HAS to be some sort of sadist to continue torturing that kitty. Did you see how dilated those pupils were? EGAD.

    I know why this cat hates him.. obvious to me- he is a cat torturer. Stupid, stupid person.

    Michael, if this cat did have claws this man’s hands would look like chopped meat. When Jackson tries to intro himself to an “aggressive” (aka frightned insecure cat” he is often scratched and his hands get really bloody. So I didn’t see any blood on this creep’s hands- so I am assuming this cat IS declawed and very upset.

  6. Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

    Monty doesn’t like a whole lot of people. He doesn’t have to like everybody. He growls and hisses and my friends know to just leave him be. In fact, when Monty growls, sometimes my friends take that as a sign that it is time to go home! They understand that Monty, as an ex-feral cat, is never going to be comfortable around lots of strange people. When he does at least come out and tolerate them they talk to him, and praise him for coming out, but they don’t even try to pet him. They know not to push it. Why is it such a big deal if a person’s cat doesn’t like house guests? On Jackson Galaxy’s show there are people ready to give up their cat because the cat doesn’t welcome their guests’ efforts to interact with him. If you want an animal that will welcome everyone, there are many breeds of dogs that will provide that behavior. You are less likely to find it in a cat. But people try and try to force the cat to be something he’s not, stressing the cat, worsening the situation. My guests who mostly ignore Monty eventually see him come to tolerate them. Until he growls to tell them they’ve stayed too long. But they respect that this is Monty’s house too, and he gets his say.

    The only person Monty really, really liked was a piano student I had, who would come to the house. He was from India, a very soft spoken, gentle person. Monty kept coming up and putting his cold little nose on the back of my student’s calf, which would totally startle him and freak him out. I don’t think he was very comfortable around cats. While he would be trying to calm himself he’d look at Monty who would give him a slow blink. I kept saying that it was so wonderful that Monty liked him so much, but after awhile my student stopped coming, so perhaps the feeling was not reciprocated. This would be an opposite situation to a person trying and trying to interact with a cat who doesn’t want the interaction. I should have kept Monty in his room during the lesson, but I like having him around, and I was so amazed that Monty actually had found a human he liked.

  7. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    That idiot is no cat lover! Confronting a cat like that in a place where he’s obviously gone to avoid people is just stupid and cruel! Yes Max must be declawed or that fool’s hands would be in shreds! He goaded that poor cat beyond endurance. I think his paws hurt and it sickens me he is trapped in a home where his caretaker allows her brother to aggravate him like that.
    I’d like to get a big stick and give that clot a ‘high five’ on his head 🙁 and his sister too because she’s obviously as cruel!

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