My Slinky Cat

My Slinky Cat

by Julia
(Costa Mesa, CA USA)

My Slinky Cat Owning My husband

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My Slinky Cat Owning My husband

Following a 15 year friendship with a big, fat alley cat, I sought a cat that would be friendly and talkative the way my fat tabby cat was.

I did a ton of research and decided either a Tonk, a Siamese or a Oriental would fit the bill due to their need for human companionship, love of talking, and general activity.

Believing I had a relationship with a cat I could never duplicate, I went to the breeder in tears, longing for a buddy.

I sat on the couch where a little cinnamon colored tiger stripped kitten plopped down next to me belly up, which reminded me of my tabby, who would routinely greet me belly up.

To say this kitten chose me was an understatement. I took him in the 5 hour ride, holding him to me the entire way. He tussled under my neck.

That night, he curled up and slept under my chin and he insists on sleeping in my arms each night.

This cat ALWAYS wants to be with me. Even when I take a shower, he'll paw open the door and jump in the back of the shower.

He comes when you call him... and will play chase with you, like a child running from one side of the house to the other.

When he sees I'm leaving, he'll jump on my shoulder hoping to get me to stay.

He loves my husband dearly, and rides on his shoulder, rubbing against his beard.

My husband walked out of the apartment one time, went to the elevator, sat their waiting, looked down, and the kitten followed him out and was sitting next to him ready to go to work.

The minute you sit down, he's in your lap and is always first to cuddle under the covers.

He greets you at the door and runs around collecting my hair ties only to drop them in his water dish.

My husband, taught him to use the toilet.

Having a strong bond with a cat before, I still can't begin to tell you what owning a Oriental is like... Lack of shedding, his love and devotion... intelligence and curiosity.. what an amazing breed.


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My Slinky Cat

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Oct 29, 2009
Affectionate bengal
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

I knew Bengals were graceful and talkative. Now I've also heard about how affectionate they are. Also this one was smart enough to pick you.
A 15 year companion is always irreplacible, but as your story proves, happiness is sometimes to be found in a new cat of a totally different appearance. Thank you for sharing.

Oct 27, 2009
by: C. Kennie

Your cat Slinky, sounds just like my sable Burmese, Kitty Grumbles. It is so lovely to hear from people who love their cats so much. I wish there were more caring "cat companions" out here.

There is a city in America where the people who help care for feral cats, have built them cat homes which are small replicas of a Victorian Manor, a Lighthouse, a fire station, etc. So the stray cats now have somewhere to call their own. Isn't that lovely. Wish that I could do the same...I'll have to try.

Oct 27, 2009
Love it
by: Anonymous

Love your story - positive, charming, interesting, instructional - you can't do it better. Thanks for sharing Slinky with us!

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