My Small Cat

by Fran
(Happy Valley, OR, USA)

This is Serenity

This is Serenity

About five years ago I acquired a black and white cat. Not counting the tail, he's about eighteen inches long and about eight inches high from foot to shoulder.

His eyes are slanted at about a thirty to forty five degree angle and his ears stand straight up as opposed to normal cats whose ears are spread at an angle.

I've tried everywhere I can think of to find out what kind of cat he is. His former owner paid $400.00 for him then decided she didn't want him anymore and turned him outside to fend for himself.

He bonded with me the first second I picked him up and has been mine ever since. Anyone know what kind of cat he is? Thank you.


Hi Fran.... thanks for showing us your little cat. He is small. Just as a comparison, Magic, the F1 Savannah cat that was, at one time, the world's tallest domestic cat, was 17.1 inches to the shoulder. She is now called "Scarletts Magic" incidentally.

To be honest, I don't think he is anything other than a very nice, interesting, small domestic cat.

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, just like people and your boy is small.

His coat pattern in interesting in the way that it covers the top half of his head but I have seen this before in an Brazilian random bred cat.

I don't think that he has been bred as a miniature or teacup cat as these are often bred from chinchilla Persians not shorthaired black and white cats. In any event miniature cats are not part of a cat breed. They are just selectively bred small cats.

However, your cat might qualify as a miniature cat if his weight is around 4 pounds.

The ears are a little unusual too. But once again ears do vary a lot and naturally.

The curious point that you make is that his previous owner paid $400 for him. That is a purebred cat price as you indicate but, to me, he does not look a purebred cat. Are you sure that this was the price? Who did you hear that from? It seems wrong.

It might be the case that the person bought the cat from a person who sold him as a miniature cat as if he had been deliberately bred as a miniature cat. Very small cats are unusual and that might have encouraged the former caretaker to sell him as a miniature cat.

Anyway, thanks Fran for showing us your sweet little. He sounds like a very nice cat.

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My Small Cat

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Mar 09, 2012
stupid people shouldn't have pets NEW
by: Valerie

It makes me so angry when people decide that they don't want a cat/pet after they bought it or took it in then turn the poor thing out to fend for itself ,as I am the owner of (my runaway siberian cat and Lulu his girlfriend )ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr Valerie

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