My Snow White is Not a British Shorthair

My Snow White is Not a British Shorthair

by Finn Frode


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We have two cats. Milly is a purebred Norwegian Forest Cat with pedigree papers to prove that her parents were purebred too. Snehvide (Danish for Snow White) is a shelter cat of unknown origin.
She does not however, look like a typical Danish moggie, who generally look more like European Shorthair - a breed created mainly from Swedish moggies.

But Snow White's head is much too wide for that - actually most tomcats around here would envy her...

So what breed is my Snow White? Looking at the various breeds, the closest is probably British Shorthair - both her cobby build, dense coat and balanced character fits the breed description. Except for the eye colour she is actually spot on.

It seems probable that there is some British Shorthair in her genes. Maybe her mother or father or maybe a grandparent or just a great-grandparent. But does the fact that she has the characteristics of a British Shorthair make her one of that breed?

No, I found her at a shelter with no papers and only cats that have pedigree papers can claim to be members of a specific breed. This definition is not a snobbish put-down on mixed breed cats - it's more like a copyright or a guarantee.

Cat breeders have put a lot of effort (and money) into refining the various breeds and they don't want these efforts spoiled by uncontrolled breeding. If you pay for a Tiffany cat, you expect it to have Tiffany offspring - and not a litter with some kittens looking Siamese.

So per definition Snow White is a mixed breed - and I have no problem with that. Actually I would be the snob if I insisted on her being a particular breed without knowing the facts. She is not a British Shorthair and don't think she cares about that either. She's my chubby moggie and I love her for that - and she knows. 🙂

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My Snow White is Not a British Shorthair

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Oct 24, 2009 Blue Domestic Shorthair
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

She's a fine cat, Cortney. That colour is usually referred to as blue and is actually a dilution of black. Michael has already ansewered, but you can safely call her a Blue Domestic Shorthair cat. I'm sure the colour makes her stand out from most other cats in your neighbourhood.
When I was a boy I also had a blue cat called 'Trille' and I recall that when he was a little kitten he actually looked quite bluish. After generation upon generation of tabby striped farm cats he suddenly appeared - out of the blue so to speak;-)

Oct 23, 2009 Please read this
by: Michael

Hi, Finn, on this page, pretty much answers your question about Sophie. I made an earlier post on the subject:

What Breed is My Cat?

Most cats are not purebred. Thanks very much for sharing with us. Sophie looks beautiful.

Oct 23, 2009 Sophie - I was just wondering what kind of cat she is
by: Cortney

Sophie a possible Burmese cat
This her and her playful side

Well Sophie in the beginning was a nuisance, I did not want her, but I eventually fell in love with her after a good 10 minutes. She is a cat that my brother picked up off the side of the road, and brought to me. She is now a little over a year old and I consider her to be one of my best friends. She is at my heels no matter what I do.

She loves me unconditionally, yes occasionally she can be a bad word, but no matter what I love her with all my heart too. I was just wondering what kind of cat she is, because she favors the burmese cats so much.

Oct 21, 2009 Quality
by: Michael

Thanks Finn for a quality article. It is most welcome. I say something similar on this page: What Breed is My Cat?

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