My Stray is a Tiffany!!

by Lynda
(Leicestershire UK)

My boys!!

My boys!!

14 years ago I found a shivering little ball of fluff in the snow one winter outside my parents house. After taking him in and asking around I found out one of their neighbours had thrown this fluffy litle bundle out because he was 'naughty'.

Of course I took him home to join my other 2 strays!! He has been with me ever since and yes he was the most mischievious kitten I have ever had but he more than makes up for his misbehaviour with his gorgeous face and loving temperament.

Sadly my other 2 strays have passed away, but I still have my beautiful long haired boy and have often wondered what breed he was with his luscious long chocolate brown shiny coat and those big green eyes!!

His name is George (Gorgeous George) and in his old age he has mellowed some and is now my special needs sons best friend and give so much love to us.

Whilst George may not be a purebreed Tiffany he has the most beautiful coat I have ever seen and to me he is perfect!

He is shown here with my son and they really do adore each other! George is most definitely part of the family.


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My Stray is a Tiffany!!

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Jan 30, 2011
Kitten Picture
by: Ricardo

Do you happen to have any pictures of you cat when it was a kitten?

I would apreciate it if you could post some.


Dec 30, 2010
by: Michael

George is gorgeous. Thanks for telling us about him and rescuing him.

I think there are a good number of what I call "de facto purebred Tiffany cats" around.

What I mean is that they look like Tiffany cats, and probably have the genetic makeup to be called purebred Tiffany cats but are not recognised as a Tiffany cat because they are not recognised as such by a cat association.

A cat has to be registered with a cat association and have a recorded pedigree before being called a purebred cat but that doesn't stop a cat being purebred in all but name.

Michael Avatar

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