My Sweet Feral Cats

My Sweet Feral Cats

by Maritza Tolmasoff
(Los Angeles)

I was not a cat lover. After finding "Chato" at my work site I feel in love with him.

He was about 6 weeks when I found him under a tree, dirty and infested with fleas.

He is now a 2 year old, shiny black cat who loves to play and is usually sweet and calm in the mornings.

He has been fixed and let me tell you, he was no a happy cat. Pako and Lola were found outside my house (in which the mom and dad are still roaming) and my husband and I decided that they would have a better life as indoor cats.

These two tabby cats are adorable and precious and sweet. I am very lucky to have these creatures and people need to be smart and neuter/spay them.

There is a colony of feral cats on my street and I put out food and water daily. I am planning on catching them to be fixed. They do not bother me at all but many neighbors do not like them.

We need to help feral cats and give them some respect and love. Be kind. Adopt a cat.


Hi Maritza... thanks for sharing. You are at the right place on this site. We all think the same way as you!

Well done. There are many cat/animal lovers and carers who visit and share here.

Incidentally, I made your short post on cat food a comment on this page: Best Canned Cat Food, although I am not sure that you feed wet or dry. In fact permanent dry cat food is not good even though some vets promote that form of diet because it brings them financial profit!

Hope that was OK.

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My Sweet Feral Cats to Feral Cats

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