My Tiffany Cat Skunk

by Ryan
(Mineral Ridge, OH)

Skunkie boy in his scratching post

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Skunkie boy in his scratching post

I am pretty sure that I have a tiffany/chantilly. Skunk looks just like the pictures. He is very loving and tends to follow me around the house. He is a big ol ball of fur but acts like a dog. We let him out in the morning and he comes back in when we call him (usually).

He was nothing but skin and bones when I found him. I was off road in my pickup truck and I heard what is apparently referred to as a "chirp" coming from the woods.

He came trotting right out of the woods and was rubbing up on my leg and kept following me.

I couldn't just leave him there. We fed, bathed, and watered him, got him neutered, and now he is just the happiest cat on earth.

I don't know if this is common, but he loves to pull pencils and anything else small down off the coffee table.

I don't have too much time to finish up but we call him Skunk because when he was a kitten he used to pass all kinds of gas.

Not the normal stuff you can tolerate and kinda shrug off, but it would clear the couch really quick lol. Anyway, he was rescued and he loves us.


My Tiffany Cat Skunk to Tiffany Cat

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My Tiffany Cat Skunk

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Apr 06, 2010
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Mar 31, 2010
glad he got a home
by: kathy

Im so glad you took your Skunky in. We have a new stray cat living in our neighborhood. She is a beautiful calico. My neighbor Bill enjoys feeding her , he is a pushover for all animals and Im so lucky to have him for a neighbor. Hes about 90 yrs old and still comes out everyday to feed whatever he can. I cant get close to Patches and neither can Bill. She was sitting outside my window last night watching the squirrels. I just started crying wondering where she came from, thinking how someone probaly brought her home as a kitten, enjoyed her for a little while, then who knows what happened to her family, if she even had one??? It breaks my heart everytime I see a stray cat. All I can do for her is to just continue to put a dish of food out for her and hope the best for her,. Our neighborhood is pretty slow since we live on a dead end.

Mar 29, 2010
by: Tracey

Ryan he's such a cutie!

I'm not familiar with the breed but he is very handsome.

He certainly looks at home in his scratching post!

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