My Voice on Animal rights

My Voice on Animal rights

by Nora
(Toccoa, GA)

Animal rights covers a lot of issues. First there is the inhumane cruel acts that humans do to animals. Some of the horrible things animals endure at the hands of the humans they only want to love.

This can be from hording, bodily harm, chaining the animal up, not allowing a wild animal to live in the wild or starvation to name a few.

Then there are animals that are subject to severe bait training, classical conditioning that exploits them – like the chicken in the box that plays the piano for food. And it’s more the truth that people keeping wild animals like tigers, cheetahs and snakes are trying to feed their own egos and they are not only endangering the animal but themselves, their friends, and the whole neighborhood.

In Florida, snakes are taking over the Everglades and killing the natural fauna, this is due to owners believing they are releasing them back into the wild – but most of these snakes aren’t indiginous to America. Wild animals belong in the wild in my opinion, or in wild habitat sanctuaries, not in people’s homes.

Cats (felines of all ages) are particularly vulnerable to cruelty. One of the reasons is that people believe cats are intelligent and self reliant. The truth is it’s fairly hard for most cats to go from kibble to killing enough food to survive.

The people that allow their cats to free-roam (particularly without neutering them or spaying them) are leaving the cat not only to defend itself against predators (other cats and dogs or cars) but the cat can get a mate and therefore create un-wanted litter(s). More hungry homeless cats. Same is true of dog owners. It’s cuter to neuter; makes for a healthier and less aggressive pet.

I am aware that black cats have it tough especially during the Halloween season, and can fall prey to sophoric pranks. Felines (cats) are the number one pet, and the number one pet to be dumped or placed in a shelter. Kitties can’t fend as easily for themselves, and kittens are vulnerable as any young child would be to disease.

Animal rights are important, but this doesn’t mean that professional people (TICA or CFA) meaning registered breeders should give up their rights to breed cats – provided they do not over-breed litters and are breeding to meet the standard for the breed.

Lots of small towns do not have scanners. Therefore this is an issue because a lost cat can’t make it home even if the person has taken precautions and micro chipped their cat. I believe the government should supply ever humane society with at least one scanner.

So you see there are several issues to animal rights. Please treat your animals well, they will love you for it.


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