My White Angora Rescue

My White Angora Rescue

by Elisa Black-Taylor


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Catherine My new Catherine and a kitten Their euthanasia photo

Today I'd like to tell the readers about my white Angora rescue.

Good morning readers. I'm now the proud mama to two six month old female Angora cats and their two kittens. Is this possible? When I do the math, that would have made the cats only four months old when they became pregnant. They are smaller than my Mandy, who is 8 months old now.

People, this is why I urge early spay/neuter on kittens.

I hadn't planned on this rescue at all. I was looking through the list of available cats on the euthanasia list at GCAC and saw the rescue had fallen through on the YaYa sisters and the urge to get them out just overwhelmed me.

I emailed Andrea at the shelter and heard back within 15 minutes with the go ahead to rescue. So off we went. (Laura HAD to go on this run with me)

These are the most beautiful cats imaginable. They're listed as an Angora mix, but the one I've named Catherine looks to be a purebred. I have no paperwork to back this up. Her sister Diana has slightly shorter hair and is playing nursemaid to both of the kittens, who remain unnamed.

I'd LOVE to know what is with so many of the cat owners out there. Catherine and Diana were turned in because they had kittens and the family didn't want to be "bothered" with a litter. Well, news flash-I'll bet the cats didn't want a litter at their age either!

I'm having a tough time following my own advice with these four. They're currently living in my master bath. Or should I say "cat nursery/playroom" because that's what I'm slowly turning it into. Furby is fascinated by them. He calls them "angels" because they're white. But I refuse to allow the two intact males to be in there alone. Jasper and Sammy will be neutered in a few weeks. I don't want to risk them harming the kittens because a male cat is the biggest danger to young kittens.

I do allow them to sniff the babies under close supervision.

Furby has been around so many kittens by now that he just shakes his head at me when I bring in another one. As long as he is allowed first choice on sleeping spots he's a happy cat.

My new arrivals are confused and content. They were in a cage for several weeks. I HATE cages! Almost as much as I hate people who throw away such beautiful animals. These cats are very sweet and not at all afraid. I ran the other cats out of the master bath so they can get a good night's sleep after their shelter experience.

Laura went "missing" last night before I left for work. I found her sitting in the middle of the round tub petting all four felines at once. She's definitely a chip off the old block. There's nothing better than being surrounded by grateful cats.

We have a bad case of feline conjunctivitis to treat on one of the kittens. Other than that they're all healthy. We're keeping watch to be sure the mama cat's don't try to harm this kitten. In my experience it's usually a younger kitten who will be killed by the mother if it's ill. Our babies are about 3 weeks old now. I'm fairly confident just from what I've seen that the sick one is in no danger from the mother.

Whichever cat IS the mother. We have no idea which kitten belongs to which cat!

By the way, the names came to me after my friend Debra emailed me and told me they look like "princesses." With the royal wedding only a few weeks behind us I decided Catherine and Diana would be the perfect names for such regal cats. The kittens are keeping quiet on what they'd like to be called.

So what do the readers at think of my new family? Could you have resisted rescuing them if you were me?


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My White Angora Rescue

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May 15, 2011
what is it with ppl letting older kittens get pg?
by: Betty Dwoske

so glad you got the ya-ya's! when their picture popped up on the GCAC site i was hoping they wouldn't be there long. absolutely gorgeous pictures.

my lucy was also brought in with 3 kittens and they were saying she was only 4 months old but she had to be at least 6 months. it looks like, from the paperwork, that 2 of the 3 kittens died. she has been in a shelter since late august of 2010. the GCAC was her last stop and i'm surprised she lasted that long.

come on people, neuter your pets!

i have an all white cat with one yellow eye and one blue eye. he's gorgeous and a love. i am sure these kitties will find good homes soon. i can't believe the owner didn't spay them and then turned them in. grrrrr.....

May 15, 2011
I don't know what happens next
by: Elisa

I'm just playing this by ear. Hopefully someone will come along who will take the two kittens then someone will take the two sisters. I won't split them up as it was a disaster when I split up Sheela and Shirley, who are now TOGETHER. YAY!

They have a home with me until someone comes along. I know I'll have them together for 2 more months as I don't adopt a kitten out till its 3 months old because there are things the mama needs to teach it.

May 15, 2011
The Mothers
by: Elisa

The mothers have a very light tangerine orange colored marking on their heads back near the neck. It almost looks like they rolled in the mud in only that one spot.

May 15, 2011
Turkish Angora and Turkish Van
by: Michael

Hi Elisa...I think you have a classic white Turkish Angora. They are the most prized in Turkey. If they have odd colored eyes (one blue and one amber) it is even better. Catherine has two amber eyes as far as I can tell.

Her face, the shape of the head and ear size etc. and overall appearance looks purebred Turkish Angora to me. But that does not mean she is. Appearance is a vague guide. She is more classic (i.e. not over slender) in her appearance.

Two of the young have Van type head markings which further supports the fact that these are Turkish cats.

The Van and Angora are closely related in my opinion.

They are irresistible and it is a shame that there is no documented pedigree because Catherine would be valuable is she was purebred it seems to me. She is stunning.

I can see why you couldn't resist. But what happens next!?

Michael Avatar

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