My Wonderfully Vocal “Slinky” Kitten

My Wonderfully Vocal “Slinky” Kitten

by Valerie
(Pataskala, Ohio)

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We recently adopted a beautiful young cat. He is now 5 months old and has the most beautiful soft, silky feel to his coat. Our cat does not have the typical undercoat that I have always had on other cats nor does he shed.

He has a longer look to his nose with a small head and larger ears. His back legs appear to be slightly longer than his front which seems to be quite effective during his acrobatic antics at home. He is constantly full of energy, but also extremely fast to our family.

He feels that the best place to be is on people. Laying on my shoulder while I make dinner, walk around the house, work at the computer, etc. If not allowed to do what he wants when he wants, he is extremely vocal and will tell you exactly what he thinks. Most importantly, although I have cat allergies, he can sleep on my pillow without causing even as much as a sneeze.

We are now looking for a feline brother or sister to keep him from getting bored when we are not at home. I am wondering if he could be an Oriental Shorthair.

Regardless, he is a beautiful addition to our family.


Hi Valerie.... He sounds a lovely member of the family. I don't think he is a purebred Oriental Shorthair, which are a version of the modern Siamese, very rangy and skinny but with coat colours that are not typical of Siamese cats.

That said, thanks for showing us and popping by to share.

I think the lack of an allergy is due to the single coat, which is a characteristic of this breed of cat.

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My Wonderfully Vocal "Slinky" Kitten to Oriental Shorthair Cat

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My Wonderfully Vocal "Slinky" Kitten

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Feb 01, 2010
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Valerie. What a cute picture - he is indeed a fine little cat.
Kittens often have large ears and if you go to the article titled 'Istanbul Feral Cats or Wild Cat Hybrids' you'll see some examples including my own Somali Ivanhoe. Just like human children cats do not always grow harmoniously.
I assume the main reason you guess on oriental ancestry is because he is so vocal? Well, it's true that Orientals and Siamese are very vocal, but I think most cats will improve in that field as soon as they learn it pays off. 😉
As he has a triangular face and seems to be of slender build, I would not completely rule out some Siamese down the line, but it's always hard to tell what's in a mix. Whatever it is, he seems like a good boy and will no doubt grow up to be an even greater addition to your family.

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Jan 22, 2010
Slinky cat!
by: Dorothy

Oh my, he is beautiful. Even his pose looks slinkie. Sweet boy. So glad he has found a loving home that appreciates him. He'll have a great life.
Good for you!


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