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      • Oh thats a pretty one too. It is a shame that they are so rare. I would like to breed the York Chocolate and make the breed more known. I live in Denmark and here the breed is non existing at all.

        • Ah…now I know your objective. They are rare. They are not recognised by either the CFA nor TICA in the US. These are the 2 dominant cat associations. I think you’ll struggle to find a breeder. Sorry. I couldn’t find one when I tried for a few minutes.

          • I might see if i can get an approvement on starting an new line from Brown Havana and Siamise longhair. They are both very common here i see. We call the Brown Havana for Orientaler. So i have found plenty of that one in both long and short hair.

      • Not sure this is active anymore! But, have a gorgeous solid chocolate female, no other colours on her. Beautiful green eyes,amazing temperament, highly intelligent, chirps than meow! She looks like York choc but guess most cats do, she is not black. Been trying to get her recognised in someway, as now for is extremely rare colour for a mixed cat. Be great to keep her colouring& uniqueness alive,she should be a breed. There are no York choc breeders since 2016, any without p.work, not classes as York choc

    • It sounds like overgrooming too me. He might be grooming himself too much causing the hair to be pulled out and ingested (eaten). If this is happening it might be due to anxiety. Make sure there are no stray cats in his world and that he gets on with other cats. Also make sure he is relaxed. Are you around alot? It may be due to separation anxiety. Is he fearful of something or someone? If it is not that it might be another medical condition requiring a vet visit.

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