Mystery Cat

Mystery Cat

by Robert
(Baltimore md)

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This is a mystery to me. I seen this cat one day when I was out jogging one morning can anybody tell what kinda of cat it is?


Hi Robert... Thanks for visiting and asking. This mystery cat looks like a tabby random bred cat that has medium long hair and which has been given a "lion cut" by the "owner" (caretaker - people don't own cats).

The lion cut is one which the owner has the cat shaved to give a lion's mane and a tail with a plume at the end.

In this instance it seems that it is just the tail that has been shaved.


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Mystery Cat

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Jun 09, 2011 A Human Action
by: Sam (I wrote the story about Cleo and Isabella)

Hehe! Yes. It's a human alteration of a cat's tail. hehehehe. I can laugh because it doesn't hurt the cat.

Two Japanese Bobtail sisters now have me, and one acquaintance asked me, "what happened to their tails?"

I said, "oh, they fall off several hours after birth and the mother cat eats them (the tails)." hehe...

Sisters "Rabbit-Kitty" and "Mama Kitty" have no real tail. Rabbit Kitty has a furry, dandelion/cottontail-like puffy, light, furry extrusion, and Mama Kitty has a furry, upsidedown, wide U-Shaped flat-furred nub.

Despite not having a tail, their balance and other cat faculties do not seem to be at all effected.

Jun 08, 2011 Lion cut
by: Leah (England)

Yep I agree with Michael sure looks like a Lion cut! Possibly a Maine Coon to keep him a little cooler in the summer.

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