Mystery over two cats that JK Rowling instructed her assistant to buy

JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series of books, who has an estimated fortune of £650 million, is suing her former personal assistant, Ms Donaldson, for alleged breach of contract (and other misdeeds). From what I gather from the newspaper reports her assistant has allegedly committed the crime of theft as well but this has not been specifically mentioned. Rowling is claiming damages of £24,000.

JK Rowling and Bronte

JK Rowling and Bronte. Photo in public domain.

The Times reports that the court papers include a claim that JK Rowling had instructed Ms Donaldson to buy two cats. Donaldson allegedly spent a total of £1,200 on the ‘purchases’ which included a £300 deposit and a further £900.

However, Donaldson claims that she did not have the funds to buy the cats. In other words the money was spent but not on the cats, which is how I interpret the news from The Times.

Other newspapers have stated that Donaldson bought two cats either for herself or others using Rowling’s money in another example of alleged theft and breach of contract.

The interesting aspect of this for me, and which I’d like to get to the bottom of, is whether JK Rowling had the intention of buying cats for herself.

It would appear not because Rowling is a dog person. She has or had three dogs, although this is unclear. She has at least one dog currently, a West Highland Terrier called Bronte (see photo).

My best guess is that Ms Donaldson bought two cats with Rowling’s money without authorisation and for her own benefit or the benefit of another person other than Rowling.

P.S. Rowling’s claim includes other alleged thefts such as unauthorised shopping sprees using the author’s credit card and taking Harry Potter merchandise.

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