Naming Your Black Cat Or Dog After A Well-known Black Person

  Scottish terrier called Didier Drogba-Black dog given name of black football
Jeremy Clarkson’s Scottish terrier he named: Didier Drogba – Is it racist to name your black dog or cat after a well-known black person?
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Jeremy Clarkson tweeted that he had named his Scottish terrier dog Didier Drogba. Big deal. Hardly newsworthy but it was on the radio this morning on LBC. Some people thought that Jeremy Clarkson was being racist. The Scottish terrier is a black dog and Didier Drogba is a well known, top-flight footballer who used to play in the Premier league in England but who now plays for a Turkish club. I think Jeremy Clarkson was also enjoying a play on words because the word “dog” is hidden inside the surname of the footballer “Drogba”. “Drog” — “dog”. Amusing.

Okay. The radio show that I refer to is one in which listeners can call in and enter into a telephone discussion with the presenter. A well-known British presenter, Nick Ferrari, was the host. A person called in and said that he had called his black cat Whitney after Whitney Houston the famous black singer. Both Ferrari and the caller believed Clarkson was not being racist even inadvertently. The caller thought the hoo-ha was a case of OT PC (over the top political correctness).

The big question is whether naming a black cat or black dog after a black celebrity person is acceptable. Some people will rightly argue that the whole conversation is pointless and that this is another example of political correctness. There is a lot of political correctness in Britain at the moment and it means that we cannot open our mouths without thinking very carefully what we want to say for fear of upsetting the “political correctness police”.

Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba. Wikimedia Commons photo

I am one of those people who is sensitive to the emotions and feelings of other people and of course animals but who likes people to speak their minds without fear of being criticised because of political correctness or a misguided, heightened sensitivity.

As a result, my opinion about what Jeremy Clarkson tweeted is that it is entirely acceptable. Jeremy Clarkson is known to be outspoken and very funny. He is a presenter of the well-known BBC television programme called Top Gear (it’s about cars). I don’t know if Americans have seen this program but it is very popular in Britain and sold throughout the world.

What do you think? Perhaps it depends on which country you live in. In some countries the dog is seen as “ritually” unclean (unfairly, I have to say). Isn’t that the attitude of the citizens of Islamic countries? As far as I know Muslims generally see dogs in a negative light. If that is correct, what Clarkson did might be seen by Muslims, not as racist, by as an insult. Do we care?

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7 thoughts on “Naming Your Black Cat Or Dog After A Well-known Black Person”

  1. Two of my cats from years ago: Bunny Bunyatta. Lord Cattenborough.

    Cherished pet bug who came when he was called: Cochran La Rochefoucault (surname misspelled to avoid a lawsuit). He enjoyed dabs of peanut butter, scrambled eggs, and a wee drop – now and again – of Harvey’s Bristol Cream.

    Flock of pet crows when lived in Seattle: Poe (from E. A Poe, who penned ‘The Raven’). Poe-sy, Poe Boy, Poe-Jangles, Poe-la Negri, and Poe-lenta. Miss them all…

  2. Mindless people worship celebrities and some even call their babies after them, poor little souls! There’s too much of this celebrity culture when there are ordinary people far more worthy of being admired.
    But at the end of the day what does it matter what anyone calls their pet, maybe some people think calling a cat after a late family member is strange, but our late mother called one of her cats Alice after her mother who died when she was just a little girl. One of our late granddads name was Joseph, we never knew him either, but we adapted his name for Jozef. Our mother’s cat Ebony was Ebony Rose, she shared her second name with her.
    Why did Clarkson (I too hate him like poison) feel the need to tell the world his dog’s name? As you say Michael ‘do we care?’
    Well I don’t! lol

  3. Never saw Top Gear.

    However, I nor anyone I know would intentionally offend any group of people with a name.
    It’s really beyond my ability to know what is offensive or not worldwide.
    There are many names given animals that aren’t just celebrities but could be stretched to the point where someone would be offended.
    Some animal names that come to mind are Blackie, Domino, Whitey, Boo, Spook Casper, Cracker…
    Political correctness is a concept that has become out of control and is stifling to freedom of speech.
    Occasionally, there is some sort of uproar in the U.S. (usually not native born people but others) over what parents have chosen to name their baby. Some of these names could be Allah, Jesus, Buddah, Muhamed.
    I read not to long ago that Portugal has a 41 page list of forbidden names.

  4. I really don’t care what people call their animals, it’s only lately that anything has been made of names such as Blackie and Darkie and I suppose Snowy and Chalky as well. I think people just look for something to nitpick about and as always it’s gone too far and the PC brigade have won, they have even changed history as I read that the dog Nigger who belonged to Wing Commander Guy Gibson of Dambusters fame was renamed Digger for a film made a couple of years ago.

    Isn’t it more that the thought is in the mind of the person making a fuss about it rather than in the intention of the person choosing the name.

    However, having said all that I have no time for Jeremy Clarkson, that bigoted, Tory supporting, hunt enthusiast who has on several occasions been accused of racism. Nor for people who saddle their animal with the name of a celebrity, all this celebrity worship makes me see red.


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