Nasty kids are posting animal abuse pictures on Snapchat

First it was Facebook allowing the glorification of animal abuse by nutters and refusing to take down pages and pictures in the interests of animal welfare and now the nasty brigade have infiltrated Snapchat as a forum to indulge is gross acts of animal cruelty for their own gratification. I expect the Snapchat administrators to do nothing about it as that is the usual reaction by social media giants. They hate to do anything ethical in case it limits freedom of expression and erodes business profits. Money over morals is today’s motto which is as sickening as the acts of animal abuse.

The pics are linked to larger images.

The RSPCA in the UK receives three complaints a week of what they describe as ‘brutal cruelty’ on Snapchat.

In one pictorial sequence a person blinds a goldfish in its tank. In another a guinea pig is thrown down a staircase. A sheep is beaten to death with a golf club. A squirrel is crushed by a brick and burnt with a blow torch. A puppy is thrown into a river. A goat is pulled by its horns onto an electric fence. All of it is photographed and presented on Snapchat. They are mad and bad these people and they are kids, grammar school kids in one instance (the squirrel abuse).

Snapchat admin should track them down and contact the local police. They need to be stopped and prosecuted. Wait..I am dreaming. It’ll never happen in today’s world. In response Snapchat say:

“This sort of cruelty is illegal. We encourage anyone who sees something like this anywhere to report it.”

This sounds encouraging although they are stating the obvious. But does something actually happen?

A gang of three thugs invaded an animal sanctuary in Essex: Hopefield Animal Sanctuary. They’re the ones who electrocuted the goat. They also targeted horses and pigs. Apparently the goat is traumatised and a horse petrified.

Snapchat is used by 15 million Brits. Much more needs to be done to police social media. These big companies have expanded rapidly in an unregulated manner leaving many many problems for users and in respect of animal welfare issues. There is good in social media but there needs to be proper, rapid and committed moderation of posts and pictures by administrators. The problem is that they are too big to police. They are out of control in effect.

Source: The Sun Online.

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