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National Feral Cat Day 2016 -“All Cats All Communities” — 4 Comments

  1. National Feral Cat Day is a huge event here. I have participated forever.
    Many people think that participation requires some sort of huge display. Not so. Any caretakers can post flyers/posters with their support message.
    I do TNR poster and flyer displays, because it’s so important to educate. I, also, offer my services for speaking about ferals.
    It’s an exciting time for me.

    • You are a heroine, Dee. You have done so much good for feral cats. You have a place in heaven 🙂 I don’t know of a similar event in the UK. That’s probably because we never see feral cats! Although the “experts” say we have 7 million!

        • I just don’t think that we have as many feral cats as people say we have. It’s an estimate based upon the American situation probably in that people say that there is an equal number of feral and domestic cats therefore they estimate the feral cat numbers.

          I think the reason why there are relatively so few feral cats in the UK is because of the weather!
          It’s just too hostile outside 😉

          We do do TNR in this country. It’s just that it is not as necessary because we don’t see feral cats so there is no pressure on communities and authorities to “deal with them”.

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