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Nationwide “Clear the Shelter” Day — 6 Comments

  1. My local animal shelter in Riverside has a permanent cat adoption fee of $15. This includes shots & spay/neutering. This is cheaper than a “free” cat if the shots and fixing are included. The shelter provided medicine to my Gabriel for an upper respiratory infection when I left the shelter. In the long run, it means fewer pets turned into shelters, as the overall pet population is reduced.

  2. P.S. Even elevated adoption rates to $45-$75 is typical of some rescues. Their reasoning is that they want to screen applicants and don’t want abusers adopting.
    My argument is that, here in America, any cat can be found at any time and at location to be taken for free.
    Why would any abuser even pay $5 for a cat that can just be plucked off the streets at anytime?

  3. There were $5 adoptions from our kill shelter last summer.
    Even I applaud this, since we all know how I feel about county kill shelters.
    I just can’t understand why this can’t be the norm, since so many cats are killed every day. It’s not like county shelters need more money. They are county funded, which means that I and other taxpayers pay their way.
    They need to heed the demands of taxpayers.
    Guess I’ll be at another county meeting next week.

    • That crossed my mind too. If lower adoption fees bring such success it might be financially viable to reduce the fee permanently. Perhaps shelters need to be a failure to succeed or exist?

  4. I think that many of these adoptions may be emotionally based, rather than a planned action. I have no evidence, just my own thoughts.

    I doubt if people give much thought to the cost of animals or babies.

    • I tend to agree with you Sandy and it makes me a little concerned. The promotion sounds good and probably is good but it is not all good.

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