NC cat owner has posted an ad in the newspaper every day for 2 years searching for her lost cat

I first wrote about Murphy in May 2018 to put the word out about the tabby beauty who’s been missing from the Raleigh, North Carolina area since August 5, 2017. You can find that article by clicking here.

bring murphy home
Murphy originally lost in the Raleigh, NC area
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Tar Heel Traveler recently sat down with owner Christina Waller to put Murphy back in the spotlight once more. For the past two years Christina has posted an ad in the local newspaper asking whether anyone has seen Murphy.

want ad in paper
Christina runs this ad daily

We all know from cats being reunited with their family after years that there’s a chance Murphy is still alive and he IS microchipped. Someone may have taken him in or he may have joined up with a feral colony. He could even be out of the area. Cats have been found hundreds if not thousands of miles from home.

Please take the time to view this heartwarming video posted by Tar Heel Traveler.

Not only does Christina post in the newspaper, she has a Facebook community page Bring Murphy Home.

In the meantime, Christina fosters cats and kittens in need until a forever home can be found. She also offers help to other cat advocates in the Raleigh area. While it’s not the same as having her Murphy back, I wish Christina good karma for caring for those in need. Christina hasn’t lost hope in being reunited with her kitty. Let’s do all we can to spread the word.

lost cat poster

Christina will continue in her search for her beloved Murphy. Please share this article with friends, not just with those in the Raleigh area but with everyone because Murphy really could be anywhere.

Murphy may have changed in appearance but he’d be easy to identify with paws that mimic white socks on the back and mittens on the front.

Photos courtesy of Christina Waller



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