NC cat owner turns to social media to find her cat after a meeting to identify him through local rescuer never took place

This is Lit’l Boy, a beautiful kitty owned and loved by Elaine White in Rockwell, North Carolina. Lit’l Boy was rescued by Barbara Hart from Rowan County Animal Shelter back in January 2017 after he was turned in as a stray.

Lit’l Boy
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Elaine found Lit’l Boy several years ago. He was a stray who was too beautiful to be an outdoor cat but he was scared to death. Someone had been mean to him and it took awhile for Lit’l Boy to learn to trust again.

Lit’l Boy trusted Elaine but he was afraid of others. He turned from an outdoor kitty into an indoor/outdoor kitty. Unfortunately, after rain hit the area for several days Lit’l Boy was nowhere to be found. Elaine searched the woods and canvassed her neighborhood looking for him.

Rowan County Animal Shelter photo

Then Elaine saw Lit’l Boy on the Rowan County Animal Shelter page. His available date was January 23 and that was the day Elaine went to the shelter, where she learned he’d been rescued by Barbara Hart.

After Barbara took him into rescue

When Elaine contacted Barbara she was told Lit’l Boy was theirs now and that the cat they had wasn’t her cat. Elaine offered to pay for him. Anything to get him back home where he felt safe and loved. Barbara even agreed to meet with Elaine so she would see the cat they had wasn’t even her missing cat, claiming the coat pattern and eye color was different on the cat now in their rescue.

The meeting never took place

The meeting never took place. Lit’l Boy is still out there somewhere. Elaine would like to find him and is asking those on social media to share his photo in the Rowan County area. Please do all you can to help her find her cat. It may not be possible legally to get Lit’l Boy back (I don’t know what the law is in NC), but at least Elaine can get closure in knowing he’s alive and safe.


25 thoughts on “NC cat owner turns to social media to find her cat after a meeting to identify him through local rescuer never took place”

  1. There is an important detail that nobody is taking into consideration. The owner stated the cat was fearful of people. It is very reasonable for the owner not to think the cat would be picked up by anyone and end up at animal control. Although personally, I would check there first, (but only because I am involved in rescue, have worked at a shelter and volunteer at an animal control). Most owners of fearful animals wouldnt think that their animal woupd be caught and taken to a shelter. It really doesnt matter how soon after the cat went missing that she checked AC, the fact remains, she checked, and someone else has HER cat. I would think this “rescuer” (term used very loosly in this case) would want to reunite the pet with their owner. Myself, as a rescuer, if I found out I had pulled a loved pet, I would assist the owner in vetting, to include neuter and micro chip, and return the pet. Its the right thing to do.

  2. I am a big advocate of spay neuter but that if this was her cat and that is her choice she should have her cat back. Period.


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