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NC cat owner turns to social media to find her cat after a meeting to identify him through local rescuer never took place — 25 Comments

  1. There is an important detail that nobody is taking into consideration. The owner stated the cat was fearful of people. It is very reasonable for the owner not to think the cat would be picked up by anyone and end up at animal control. Although personally, I would check there first, (but only because I am involved in rescue, have worked at a shelter and volunteer at an animal control). Most owners of fearful animals wouldnt think that their animal woupd be caught and taken to a shelter. It really doesnt matter how soon after the cat went missing that she checked AC, the fact remains, she checked, and someone else has HER cat. I would think this “rescuer” (term used very loosly in this case) would want to reunite the pet with their owner. Myself, as a rescuer, if I found out I had pulled a loved pet, I would assist the owner in vetting, to include neuter and micro chip, and return the pet. Its the right thing to do.

  2. I am a big advocate of spay neuter but that if this was her cat and that is her choice she should have her cat back. Period.

  3. I personally know Elaine. She is a very good person. She absolutely loves her animals. As for her swearing, I would probably be swearing also if I had been through what she has been through looking for her cat. I really hate reading the nasty comments being made. This is about her furbaby not her. People shouldn’t make negative comments especially when they don’t know her.

  4. hey is there a cat shortage in NC? Any decent rescue would be glad to find the owner and open another spot as to save another.Everyone is taking up for this Hart, did you see the photos of the INSIDE of her house, i did , the shit was deep and dried layer after layer. there is more shit that Julianne Westberry’s house.Hart has not lived there in a long time. Where are all these cats she has pulled from the shelter. NC law requires records on every animal and 3 years back to be kept on premises of rescue. How can anyone defend such a animal abuser, whoever makes excuses for Barbara Hart is no better than she is. Nasty, filthy, scamming, fake , skank. Where are these cats , pound seizure is legal in N C , was she selling them to animal brokers ? are they being tortured in laboratories? Anyone saying this is not true needs to prove it. Barbara Hart needs prosecuted to the full extent of the law.Every genuine animal lover should write to the federal attorney general requesting they oversee this case based on the past history of NC doing nothing to these abusers. Someone knows where this woman’s cat is , and that someone is the record keeper for Pals for Paws and Purrs, Barbara Harts so called rescue , which it appears she used to collect cats and steal their pledge money while she lives on easy street the cats die of neglect. Put her under the jail and demand those records, get this poor woman’s cat back.

  5. My cats are current on shots and fixed. I don’t want to stay in the house for the rest of my life nor do they. They are happy to go outside and play with each other run around and catch mice. There’s nothing wrong with cats going outside. I could drive down the road and be killed myself by a car.

    • Good pet owners do have their animals spayed/neutered and UTD on shots. According to her comments on her page, the cat stayed outside most of the time. He was not neutered and looked roughed up in his shelter pictures.

      • Roughed up huh? He went out on a Thursday & it started to rain that evening! It poured Thurs, Fri & some on Sat!!! So am sure he looked rough (out in the rain, yeah! You go out in the rain for days & then let’s see what you look like! You smart ass, dumb ass!!! I went out & rode around Fri, walked around on Sat & Sun, no Lit’l Boy! So that date is right… Thurs was the 19th & then Mon was 23rd! I saw him on the RCAS’s web page.., I got there on Mon the 23rd & he was gone! That was his first day available….

  6. Phew this seems complicated although it should be simple. It seems to me that Barbara knows or is fearful that the cat belongs to Elaine. If the cat is the same one and that may be contentious, then Elaine owns him and she can sue Barbara and the shelter provided tried to re-adopt him in time which she did as I understand it. It goes to show how messy these cases can be.

    • But if Elaine didn’t go to the shelter and identify him in time then Barbara had the legal right to pull him on the first day he was available. A lot of owners don’t even think to check the shelter. They assume their cat is roaming the neighborhood and will eventually come home.

      • the first day cat was posted on shelter was the 25 , she went the first day he was posted , hart scarfed him on first day.check shelter post i found it there.

        • sorry my mistake it was the 23 , first day posted, why is a rescue grabbing a cat on the first day when cats on last day death row????

    • And it’s always possible Barbara didn’t want Elaine to have her cat back because of him not being neutered when he was found. Barbara has disappeared for now so there’s really no way to get her side of things. I do believe this is the same cat. Eye color tends to differ when photographed due to lighting and flash variants. You know that Michael, being a photographer.

  7. You really need to check your facts because Rowan Animal Shelter WILL NOT allow any animal to be adopted or pulled by a rescue before their stray hold is over. This woman is NOT being honest! I saw in one post she said the cat was rescued before it was available and on another post she said Barbara adopted him as soon as the cat was available. That cat was not neutered and was being allowed to run loose. Also, she obviously wasn’t going to the shelter to check for her cat or she would have known he was there.

    • At no point in this article did I state he was pulled before he could legally be pulled. I didn’t go by what Elaine said happened as far as pulling but I don’t see anywhere in my writing that Barbara pulled too soon because I can’t back that up. My only hope in doing this article is for her to learn her cat wasn’t one of the cats found dead in the house. Legally I don’t believe a new owner would be forced to return him. So YOU need to read the article thoroughly and not I didn’t say anything about him being pulled too soon.

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