NC man praised for saving cats through Cabarrus County TNR program

The idea for this article comes from Michael (PoC), who recently made the comment that not many men are involved in cat rescue. Michael, and the readers of PoC, I’d like to introduce you to Jimmie Hoffman. Jimmie plays a major role in all aspects of saving the feral cats of Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

Jimmy at Friends for Life adoption event
Jimmy at Friends for Life adoption event
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I recently did an article for Examiner on a man who believed he should be given an award for trapping 17 feral cats in less than a week and bringing them to Cabarrus County Animal Shelter to be euthanized. That article can be found here.

Unfortunately, several of those cats were killed this past week. Thanks to Jimmie, along with rescue coordinator Marleen Jenkins and a feral cat sanctuary in Chapel Hill, 12 of the cats are now safe. The cats were taken from the shelter, most likely while the vet who preformed euthanasia, was still on the premises. Jimmie took them to his home to stay in his recovery building until transport to Chapel Hill could be arranged. The cats left Saturday for their new home, where they will be spayed and neutered.

Jimmie rescuing cats
Jimmie rescuing cats

Jimmie Hoffman and Dave Burgess, who do most of the trapping for Cabarrus TNR, do a lot more than just set up traps. They will often bring the electronic traps and infrared camera equipment to demo for adoption event guests and rescue groups attending various events and fundraisers to educate the public on the Cabarrus TNR program. He and his team set up electronic cat surveillance equipment and electronic traps hooked up to cameras and remote control, and has helped people with suspected cat poisonings in the Charlotte/Concord area.

Feral cat trap
Feral cat trap

Jimmie is also hands-on with his foster cats at adoption events. He doesn’t just hand them over and hope they find a loving forever home. Jimmie is there at the event to explain any special needs one of his cats may have. If you would like to help the Cabarrus TNR program you can make a contribution by calling in a CC or DB card donation to CSNC Phone (704) 784-6304, please tell receptionist it is for the Feral Fund and Jimmie Hoffman. You can also mail a check payable to CSNC memo line Jimmie Hoffmans Feral Fund! Cabarrus Spay Neuter Clinic S413 Church Street N, Concord, North Carolina 28025.

I envy Ella Caudle. She had the pleasure of following Jimmie, Marleen and the other rescue volunteers around photographing what it’s like on rescue day. A behind the scenes look at how regular people turn into super heroes when cats are in danger of being killed. Ella has a Facebook page at Good Samaritan Animal Society, and most if not all of the photos used for this article are hers.

Feral trap designed by Jimmie and Dave
Feral trap designed by Jimmie and Dave

Please note that Jimmie does save a dog every now and then. Cabarrus, unfortunately, is like many shelters in the south where dogs get far better promotion than cats. Between this fact, and the shelter not offering public adoptions at the shelter (everyone has to go through Marleen), cats have little opportunity of making it out alive without their team. Jimmie is much more than a cat fosterer. He’s a rescuer, inventor, team player and lover of all animals. In his spare time, he traps injured birds for Carolina Water Foul.

Michael, I hope this shows you there are dedicated men in my area who do as much as the ladies when it comes to saving cats. I felt he needed recognition and praise for all he’s accomplished in saving cats from this high-kill shelter. Without Jimmie, Marleen and the others who work the Cabarrus TNR program, the cats would likely all be killed.

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23 thoughts on “NC man praised for saving cats through Cabarrus County TNR program”

  1. If another Jimmie doesn’t come along for Cabarrus County to follow in Jimmie’s footsteps, it will be a very sad future for Cabarrus cats. I can call on this man any time and he is on the way to help. He and Dave Burgess have contributed to the care of the cats in this county and other surrounding areas in a quiet and compassionate way. So many have escaped starvation and cruelty because of them.

  2. This article made me very happy to see because Jimmie Hoffman does deserve praise. I feed a lot of feral kitties and Jimmie has helped me so much. He has had them trapped, neutered and/or spade, then returned to me. I have taken in two of the ferals and I just love them so much. I have had to call Jimmie for help with food and litter and he’s been right there for me, giving me more than I even need at the time, but it carries me through for a month or two. Thank you so very much Jimmie Hoffman for all the work you do and all the love you give to all animals. God bless you!

    1. Thanks Nancy for visiting and thanking Jimmie. I love to praise the good people. There must be more people like him. When I discover them I’ll praise them. They deserve and need it.

      1. You forgot Neanderthal and cockroach. I see Woody’s grand tradition of being banned from this site goes even further back than I imagined. Sad that his kind can’t spell properly either.

        Well, I wouldn’t expect him to understand that Jimmie Hoffman and Dave Burgess are real men. Being a man is not defined by how many animals they kill.

  3. Jimmie has been the biggest asset to our rescue and spay neuter effort then anyone we have ever had the privilege to work with! Not only does he work with Friends for life Cat Adoptions and Cabarrus TNR he is on the board for Spay it Forward plus traps for injured birds for Carolina Water Foul! The equipment that he and Dave Burgess designed and built for trapping has outwitted the cleverest of cats! Jimmie never misses a special event or adoption event he is there from set up to tear down! I would like to also include a big nod to Gary Swanson pictured in the photo with some of the members. Since 2008 Gary who is a pilot by trade has taken time to play Santa at Photos with Santa, shoot pictures of the cats available for adoption, and help with fundraising! Besides being one of our adopters and a awesome cat dad! We are blessed Michael with some great men in our area! To say nothing of young Kaleb Brooks (also in adoption photo) who has been volunteering and fostering for Friends for Life Cat Adoptions with his mom for many years! Next week he is having his birthday party at our adoption event and has asked for gifts for the cats instead of himself! The adoption photo was taken by Ella Caudle pictured are Kaleb Brooks, Kristy Brooks, Gary Swanson, Tammy Parker, Carol Trew, and Jimmie Hoffman!

      1. Yes you hear much more about the women involved. I agree. Not only is he awesome when it comes to the animals and TNR, but he is a great man.

        My son who will be turning 8 this month decided instead of receiving presents he want people to donate to our fosters, rescue, and homeless animals in our community. He has a great heart and loves the animals. Here is his event.

  4. I LOVE this story. I’ve asked Jan with Cabarrus TNR to come on here and correct any mistakes and to add any info I may have missed. Cabarrus is very high kill for the cats brought there. They don’t get much time at all to get out. I try to help them whenever I can.

  5. Jimmie is a great man. Well done Jimmie. I seems he rescued cats from a rescue center while the vet was inside killing cats! That is my take on what you wrote. If it is true is an extraordinary state of affairs.

    I love to read these sorts of stories. They are very positive and thanks Elisa for praising a man who deserves praise.

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