NC woman reunited with cat who went missing in October 2017 and was believed killed by a coyote

A Wilson County, North Carolina woman was recently reunited with her cat who went missing in October 2017 and was believed killed by a coyote.

cat reunited with family+

Pancake returned with a family (CBS17)

Ashleigh Lynn came home from vacation and discovered her cat, Pancake, was nowhere to be found. Ashleigh search inside and outside the house. A neighbor informed her a cat had been killed by a coyote and assumed the worst.

In an interview with CBS17 Ashleigh described her heartbreak

“I cried a lot. It was bad. Every so often I would look at my boyfriend and say, ‘I miss my cat.’ I always kind of had the hope she would come home, but I didn’t keep it too high.”

Last week Ashleigh saw photos posted by Alice Pierce, president of the non-profit Purrfect Hearts Cat Rescue, showing a cat found abandoned in a home in Bailey not far from where Ashleigh lives. The two ladies agreed to meet and Pancake was reunited with her human mom.

Pancake has little white paws and her face is half colored. She had been set up to be spayed and microchipped the week after her disappearance. Since she wasn’t ‘fixed,’ Pancake brought along three kittens. Carrot, Penguin and Storm were set up with forever homes by Alice.

It’s believed Pancake was cared for by someone and that person moved and left Pancake behind. Alice would like to remind people

“Don’t abandon your pet. Remember you got that pet for a reason. You loved it at one time. Find a family member or a rescue.”

This article serves as a reminder to have your cat spayed or neutered. Have your cat microchipped. Ashleigh was very lucky in being reunited with Pancake. Most cats without microchips aren’t so lucky. Especially ones who are outside and risk being killed by coyotes or hit by cars.

Click here for the heartwarming video.

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