Nebraska cat recovering after being shot with arrow; reward offered

A cat in Kenesaw, Nebraska is in critical condition after being shot with an arrow over the weekend. A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise reward money to find the person responsible.

Warning! This article is extremely disturbing. Use discretion before reading further

cat shot with arrow
Bootzy shot by arrow (ACFC)
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The GoFundMe post describes the heartless act where not only was a cat named Bootzy seriously injured but TNR traps were damaged.

“On Saturday, August 3, 2019, Bootzy, the beloved family cat of a family in Kenesaw, Nebraska was shot thru the head with an arrow. Miraculously, the cat wandered back home and was rushed to a veterinary hospital where it survived surgery and is in guarded condition.

That same night, traps used by the Adams County Feline Coalition (ACFC) a non profit in Adams County Nebraska, we’re damaged or destroyed. Authorities believe that these two crimes could be related. ACFC is a nonprofit in Adams County that does TNR work.”

Bootzy’s owner contacted Adams County Feline Coalition (ACFC) around 1 p.m. Sunday after the cat was able to return home. Bootzy is currently in the care of Central Nebraska Veterinary Clinic where the poor kitty remains in stable and guarded condition. The latest update says Bootzy is up and eating but the injury site is very swollen.

cat shot with arrow
Bootzy updated photo (ACFC)

The Adams County Sheriff’s Officer is investigating. The ACFC is in charge of a reward being gathered.

According to Nebraska Law on Cruelty to Animals: 28-1009 a person who cruelly mistreats an animal is guilty of a ClassIII-A felony if such cruel treatment involves the knowing and intentional torture, repeated beating, or mutilation of the animal.

If a reward is never given the funds will go to help the Hastings Community Foundation. Click here for the GoFundMe webpage.

The photo used in this article has been edited. For unedited photos and further updates be sure to follow ACFC on their Facebook community page. I’d like to caution everyone the photos are extremely graphic and the information is much more upsetting than I’ve mentioned here.

Please contact the Adams County Sheriff’s Office if you have information.



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