Need Help Identifying My New Cat

Aries - Some Savannah or Egyptian Mau

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Aries - Some Savannah or Egyptian Mau

I've recently adopted a kitten from someone & am trying to find out what breed he is. Normally I wouldn't try to find out as I know how hard it is to not only find out the breed but to get it right. I wouldn't be so interested if his markings weren't so unique, even the vet is curious to know. At first I thought he was part Egyptian Mau but the vet put Savannah into my head & now I'm convinced he's got it somewhere in his lineage.

Even his originally rusty brown ears are beginning to be tinged with black. & the other day I found him IN my dogs water bowl, not to mention the little guys leaping ability. I do have pictures but don't know who to ask or where to post. If you can help I'd love to hear from you.

Thank You....Ryan

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Need Help Identifying My New Cat

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Mar 20, 2012 I have the same NEW
by: georgia

Hi did you find out what breed your cat is? I just bought one for £300 looks just like yours the owner said he is a bengal and and savannah cross but i am now not sure as the paws our white and he has more stripes than spots hope he is not a moggie for that money. guess will have to wait and see how big he grows but he really looks same as your pic.

Dec 28, 2011 What type is your kitty
by: Nancy

I posted earlier that mine was a savannah egyptian mau mix.....but have since had several other breeders say mine is not savanna but a bengal mix. I even had one say mine was a maine coon which is crazy. Maine coon's don't have cheetah spots on their skin (I noticed it when she got shaved/spayed).

Mine is lovable but aggressive with my other cats (in a playful way but still dominant).

Dec 05, 2011 Your kitty is Savannah Mau mix
by: Nancy

I should note, mine does not have white paws. It's hard to identify them but the person who said Savannah's get bigger is correct. I sent pics of mine to a savannah/mau breeder and she identified mine for me. Yours looks exactly like mine except the white feet part. Mine is darker but with more distinct markings. Does yours have white liner around the eyes?

Dec 05, 2011 Your kitty is a Savannah mix
by: Nancy

I have a cat that looks much like that as well. I spoke with a breeder. She identified mine as a savannah mau mix, with more savannah. Yours looks just like mine. Is your kitties belly spotted like a cheetahs? Does she have tuffs on her ears? (a lot of hair covering the ear area?). Savannah's get quite large and are more aggressive than the Egyptian Mau's. Egyptian Mau's have much higher ears and no hair covering them. Egyptian Mau's also are not aggressive. Very playful but not aggressive. Savannah's are more aggressive but are quite loyal, but not good with children or multiple cat homes. Very intelligent, can jump very high (top of refrigerator in one leap or on top of doors), and they are more like dogs than cats. They come when you call, can be taught to play fetch, and you can walk them on a leash. They also usually like water.

Jun 11, 2011 JUST LIKE MINE!
by: Anonymous

Your cat is just like mine. If you do figure out what type of breed your cat is, I would LOVE to know!

Aug 09, 2010 its a bengal
by: Anonymous

Your kitten is a Bengal. I have a seal point lynx and daddy was a silver spotted. they had kittens look just like yours.

Dec 03, 2009 Bengal
by: Anonymous

Your cat looks like a Bengal. The markings on the top of the head are very typical of them. Bengals love water, love and attention, food, climbing up very high.

Nov 29, 2009 Just Like That
by: Diamond

Hello. I have a kitten just like this one and she is only 5 and a half months old. Very long and a very long tail and sharp ears and she can jump about 3 feet so far lol. Extremely energitic and for some reason she follows me everywhere. My son and I rescued her and the vet tol me that apparently she needs to learn how to walk on a leash. The vet said that she believes it is a mixed Savannah but her paws are definietely not white. she is just tall and she has like this black tip on her tale but stripes before it. I am not sure so I wanted to know what she was. I would appreciate any information.

Oct 10, 2009 Amber
by: Anonymous

I have a cat just like that paws and more. Just the same only she hates water. she is more gray on her back but i saw a savanna pix like that.
Savanas get bigger than normal so youll find out than

Jul 24, 2009 i remembered
by: kathy

the breed i was trying to think of with the 4 white feet was the birman i once rescued a kitten who had markings similar to a siamese he had a black nose mask, blue eyes, and the traditional siamese brown, he sired a litter of kittens and they had white feet and some were long haired. i did some breed research and found they were birmans.

Jul 24, 2009 aires
by: kathy

i believe your cat is very beautiful and cute the markings are similar to some of the wild bred cat breeds if i was to guess i probably would guess some egyptian mau or bengal breeding the white paw could be a throw back to the cat with the white mittens (i cant think of the breed) i have bengals and they usually have spotted bellies but i have a mix who has 4 white feet and a white belly

Jul 22, 2009 Hi Ryan
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

This is my two pennies worth, for what it is worth! Great looking cat. I can see where the idea for Savannah cat came from. Aries is very rangy (long body and long legs) which are like Savannah cats and of course the wild ancestor the Serval.

The mackerel tabby (stripes) markings are not Savannah markings. Savannah breeders (well some breeders) like to produce markings that are similar to those of the Serval which are less pronounced.

All that said I suspect that your cat is a classy looking moggie, mixed breed cat with beautiful mackerel tabby markings and the ability to jump well comes from the rangy body.

The love of water may indicate a link to the wild cat so there may be some Savannah or say Bengal cat in there both of which like or are attracted to water as are their wild ancestors, the Serval and Asian leopard cat. Or it may be a throwback of 9,000 years ago when the wild cat became a domestic cat. All domestic cats come from the wildcat originally.

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