Nermal & Kat

by Kat S.
(Norfolk, VA)


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I've always loved cats but never really knew much about the different breeds and their respective personalities. When I adopted my cat, he was about five months old. I named him Nermal because he acts as though he knows he is the cutest cat in the world.

I was unaware of what breed he was. It did not matter to me. I loved him just for being him; spirited smart, funny, lovable and most definately, loyal.

One evening a friend came over for dinner (at that point Nermal had been with me for a couple of years and had gone from pure, snowy white to having deep burnt orange ears and other areas of that same color.) Working for a vet has helped my friend learn much about various breeds of animals. Upon meeting Nerm she exclaimed "Oh, what a beautiful Ragdoll! Looks like he's a Flamepoint!" I had absolutely no idea of what she was talking about but I made a point to begin researching Ragdolls immediately. It was so much fun!

All of Nermal's personality traits were listed in the sites I studied. Long before I read anything about Ragdolls I called Nerm 'my little puppy-cat' because he loves to follow me everywhere and because he is so talented at doing all of the tricks I taught him. On command he will: sit, sit up on his hind paws, fetch, roll over and he even knows how to heel like a champ! In the material I read it mentioned that Ragdolls are often called puppy-cats because they love to follow their humans. I think they heard me say that!;)

Although Nermal is of considerable size he is not overweight. He is a very muscular, strong cat. He loves to show his prowess by 'wrestling' my hand and arm (I learned to wrap my arm in thick, soft material for protection) and showing me just how long he can 'hold down' the opponent...very amusing. Sometimes I call him my lion not only because of his size and his 'mane' but for the way he struts, just like his big-cat cousins.

If you are considering adopting a feline family member and want an absolutely awesome companion who will give you lots of love and laughs, a Ragdoll might be looking for you! Generally, they are very healthy and quite easy to groom (I watch alot of Cats 101!)

Thanks for letting me share all my tangents other than just about Nermal's size!

Remember to 'paws' during your day to give your cat love!

Cats Rule!

Kat S.

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Flame Point Siamese Cat

Hi Kat S....Thanks for sharing. Nerm looks awesome. Very intelligent and has a wise face.

I moved your submission to the Ragdoll cats page - a borderline decision.

One last thing. Your name is very appropriate for a cat lover! Please come back with some more about Nerm.

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Mar 11, 2011 Nice
by: Anonymous

Yeah, they are cats! custom presentation

Feb 17, 2010 Great look
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

You really have found a wonderful companion in that cat. As an adoptee he didn't carry papers with him, but whatever he is he is a beautiful cat and your great photo does him full credit. Pink paws, iceblue eys and orange spots - it almost seems as if his nose is freckled. 😉 Perfect.

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 16, 2010 too cute
by: kathy

I love the paw waving. The library cat Dewey was supposed to have done that to his human in the book. My Lia will sometimes lift his paw up to me. When he does I make sure I always acknowledge him. Your cat is beautiful. Someday I hope to be able to post a picture of my three cats for everyone to see.

Feb 15, 2010 Nermal the Awesome!
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

When I first saw the title of "Nermal" I immediately thought of the cartoon character, with its human, Jon and his dog, Odie.

Yes, your Nermal is quite a looker! I love the picture looks like he's waving. Judging by your description, he looks like quite a character himself. Please share more stories with us...the Life and Times of Nermal and his Human!

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