Nervous cat at the vet’s finds comfort in guardian’s jacket

Scared cat at the vets
Scared cat at the vets hides inside his owner’s jacket. Screenshot.
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This is very much unsurprising feline behavior but very cute nonetheless and the cat’s owner is charmed as he should be. Veterinary clinics are terrifying places for cats and dogs. And there is no where to hide except in this case there is a nice, loosely fitting jacket which looks ideal. The way the cat slinks into the hiding place is typical too. A behaviour which advertises the fact that the cat is scared.

What is it about vet clinics that are scary to cats, rabbits and dogs and other animals? Pretty well everything but two main characteristics come to mind, (1) they are places where uncomfortable events happen and cats remember it and (2) there are a lot of strange happenings and creatures and noises. The alien nature of the vetinary clinic disturbs many but not all cats. It also disturbs people because their cat is upset.

Many cat owners have had similar experiences to the one we see in the video. Perhaps the video will encourage some to wear a loose fitting jacket when they take their cat to the vet in future. Each finds there own technique to calm their pet.

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