“Neuterathon” in Upstate SC puts approximately 243 animals out of the reproduction business

On Friday, Animal Allies held a neuterathon at their Spartanburg, South Carolina clinic where approximately 243 animals were put out of the production business. This was accomplished by a joint effort of animal advocates and volunteers who showed up to help with the record-breaking number of surgeries.

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Tami Desmond, a well respected animal advocate for Upstate animals, explained it well on how big an impact Friday’s spay and neuter services play out in preventing unwanted litters

The official total was 238 surgeries.!!!!! Yesterday was a long day.but, oh my, what was accomplished was beyond belief! I like to tell people, if every male kitty is responsible for three litters of four kittens , a year, neutering one hundred kitties prevents twelve hundred kittens from needing to find a home. This ONE event prevented many more kittens needing homes. Huge thanks to @Animal Allies Clinic, the volunteers who gave of their time, the community who brought kitties, and to all who continue to spread the word about spay and neuter. I continue to believe, if you give people a way to do the right thing, they will do it. I have yet to be proven wrong when it comes to Neuterathons.

The numbers broke down as follows

243 total surgeries

222 – Male cats 🐈
– 8 were abdominal

15 – Female cats 🐈
– 4 were pregnant
– 3 were in heat

6 – Female dogs 🐶
– 2 were in heat

The mission of Animal Allies is to reduce the number of unwanted, unclaimed, and stray dogs and cats in their community and surrounding area by providing a low-cost, high quality spay/neuter program.

“Our community cares. And they show it every day. EVERY day. There are more people who care than those who don’t. Those who care just don’t get the credit they deserve. So many just go quietly about their business of doing the right thing and making things happen. It’s not the shock and awe that social media tends to gravitate toward,” Tami added.

While Animal Allies is located in Spartanburg, most areas have some kind of spay/neuter program available where pets as well as feral cats can be spayed/neutered at a discount. If you’re unsure for your area, please contact your local shelter or humane society.

Video of the cats waking up (yes, they’re drunk and the video may be slow to load)


All of you who took part in the neuterathon should be commended for your efforts to put a dent in the unwanted pet population.

Photos credit: Facebook Tami Desmond

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