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Neutering my male cat did not change him at all — 4 Comments

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  2. From experience: neutering a cat does affect the spraying. As his body excretes the pre-surgery testosterone, the desire to procreate will subside along with the need to mark his territory. Occasionally, some cats feel threatened by the outside environment (usually other cats) and may mark their territory. That’s not contingent on being intactor on gender. The only change in my male cat,post surgery, is the lack of the super strong ammonia smell.

  3. Michael, I didn’t know that Gabriel was neutered. I recall reading some comments awhile back, and it seemed that you were opposed to it, for him. I must have mis-interpreted. This part of your statement is confusing to me: “a black-and-white change as is evidenced by my cat, Gabriel.” and this “Neutering my cat did not change him at all.” They seem to be in conflict with each other. Can you elaborate how it did or didn’t change Gabriel, besides physically? How is he adapting to the yard enclosure?

    Always enjoy seeing your pictures of him; he’s such a beautiful, very masculine and strong looking feline. And….you’re such a great photographer!


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