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Never Give Up on a Rescue Cat Even When he is Blind, Deaf and Aggressive — 17 Comments

  1. My beloved Mr Minns (RIP) bit me badly when we first made physical contact. I discovered he was poorly sighted on one side, which made him attack first, think later. It took a while, but eventually he became a sweetie who always warned first and only bit if the warnings were ignored (apart from the firm but bloodless “bites” after a vet trip or after a boyfriend had visited me). We persevered.

  2. God bless Joni Nelson, Forgotten Felines, and Ashley Ward, Coconut’s latest foster. This handsome cat would not have lasted long on the street, were it not from all of them! Thank God for the selfless people like these, who help save the lives of our lost and forlorn homeless cats.

  3. Coconut has to be one strong cat. To survive on the streets of a big city, in a cold climate, while being both blind and deaf is phenomenal. With all the health problems he had also, no wonder he was aggressive. He was in pain, miserable, and fighting to survive. So happy that Joni Nelson rescued him, and never gave up on him. What a precious soul Coconut is.

  4. I took in a deaf and declawed white cat (Polar Bear) who had a tough time too, even after he was accepted by my other cats. He was easily startled, frightened and very defensive. He got hurt often. I made the effort (for years) to communicate simple intentions, friendship and direction with hand gestures, tapping on the floor, exaggerated facial expressions and of course petting and hugging. It worked and created a strong and deep bond between us. He trusted me and we loved each other deeply. It broke me to have to put him down. I’m still broken from it and miss him daily. That’s the downside to it all.

  5. My beloved ‘Angus’ was exactly like Coconut but with patience and love even though bites and scratches ensued I never gave up on him and he turned into a loving affectionate cat and ‘Coconut’ deserves the same.

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