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New Cat Breed “Poljun” or “Jungle” — 9 Comments

  1. I’m not in favour of cross-breeding wild cats with domestic ones to create new breeds of cat intended for the pet market.

    Both species are perfect as nature created them. I don’t understand why some humans think they can improve upon nature’s design. Or what benefits they think cross-breeding actually has for the Jungle Cat.

  2. LMAO!
    its a blog about cats and we have hissies about cats that are actually cared for as if caring for them means we don;t care about others.
    like loving MY kids means i don;t care about children elsewhere.

    tell you what- YOU agree to NEVER have children, EVER. and devote yourself EXCLUSIVELY to helping children elsewhere.
    because by this logic we some can’t care for or about other children if we have and care for our own.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about. You’ll have to clarify and clean up your comment before I can reply.

      “its a blog about cats and we have hissies about cats that are actually cared for as if caring for”

      For instance, what has that got to do with the article?

  3. its a false premise, and frankly annoying, to blame breeders who are seeking out desirable characterisitcs in an animal- and who invest considerable time and energy (not to mention financial cost) to take various animals species and develop them into aesthetically pleasing specimens for the calamity of abused and neglected animals.

    the fact that SOME people are irresponsible for their pets, or that domestic cats and dogs can go feral and reproduce wildly does NOT IN ANY WAY mean that RESPONSIBLE pet owners and breeders should somehow stop being interested in special animals.
    its a false premise and a LAZY argument. its like saying:
    “why do car dealers sell new cars to drivers when we have junk yards all over the place”
    NO- i am NOT saying non-pedigreed animals are “junk” its just an analogy. i have in the past had at the same time expensive blue-point siamese AND a stray mitten-paw.

    so spare us the sanctimony. you wouldnt have ANY pet dogs if it werent for carefully supervised domestication of the WOLF.

    so go volunteer at your local humane society and massage your misplaced guilt.

    • You have totally missed the point. The argument is simple and I am surprised you have not understood it. When there are irresponsible cat owners and unwanted cats why created more cats deliberately in the form of a new cat breed which also encourages adopters to adopt a bred cat rather than an unwanted cat. Aaron, I am afraid you are stupid.

  4. Breeders dont care there are thousands dying every day in shelters,as long as they get that almighty dollar in their pocket even with pure breds on petfinder.com

  5. I wish human woulds top creating new breeds when so many in shelters die by the thousand every bloody day.
    On a different note does anyone else get POC in their spam mail? I do and dont like it because now I have missed out on several stories :O(

    • I totally agree. I find it pointless and very selfish. And besides there are so many established breeds already or lovely plain moggies to choose from.

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