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New Cat Deterrent: Barbed Wire — 28 Comments

  1. Remember : A stranger is just a friend we haven’t met yet. Be kind…meet wonderful friends …pet a cat or dog today!

  2. I am glad he’s banned. I love coming in this room to discuss our loving animals . Or as I call them…my babies . sometimes i leav with tears …because of all the abused stories . With R.s attitude. i wonder how many wonderful little animals he has tortured and killed.

  3. Oh yeah, articles like this and morons like Ralph/Woody are the reason why I keep all my cats indoors.

    He needs to take his meds (electroshock therapy would be nice) and the psych ward really needs to take his computer privileges away.

  4. Thank You Kit!!! I agree with you. You are so right about animals and serial killers. I am a responsible animal lover. and I do believe a animal can be murdered . Domesticated animals. my 2 dogs are like my children .My neighbors. cats walk my fence. When i leave my door open they even come in and visit! And no…my dogs will not hurt the cats..we all need to be good neighbors and talk about and find away to solve a problem with our animals…without “killing ” someone’s belove animal.

  5. Kit,Irish……do not waste your breath on the criminally insane. They have no moral compass. They like to stir the pot with falsehoods and cruelty. They are bullies and should have done to them what they wish upon the cats. They are the vermin of society. And they can be legally held responsible for the cruelty. It is time to have protections put into place legally for cats. Educating the public and pressure on lawmakers can make it happen. People like that are a sick minority and can be cast out. Blessings

  6. Michael,please ban this arsewipe,if anyone was to try and kill any of my feral colony cats they would be put 8 feet under.

  7. Are ye frigging bloody insane,thats out right murder,so if one of my colony cats was fed this mixture of death then it would die,ye sir are disturbed,ye dont belong on this site,tis obvious ye are a cat hater,now run along and troll someone elses page!

    • The word “murder” is reserved for the case of human death ONLY. A cat or dog or any other animal can never be “murdered”. It can only be killed or destroyed. Try to not buy into the anthropomorphic psychoses that has deranged the minds of so many bambi-cartoon-educated psychotics like you. Or is it already too late for you?

      And, if you are buying cat-food for cats and believe that killing animals is “murder”, then that makes you an accomplice to “murder”, for you having paid “hired killers” to “murder” all those innocent animals and have their tortured dead bodies ground-up and crammed into bags, boxes, and cans and having a “CAT FOOD” label slapped on them for you.

      Even if you do believe that killing a cat or any other animal is “murder” (as psychotic as that belief might be), then a cat killing all wildlife makes the cat a serial-killer “murderer”. As far as myself, I merely carry-out cats’ required death-penalty on my lands for them having “murdered” so many thousands and thousands innocent native animals — valuable animals that were tortured to death by disemboweling them alive or skinning them alive with their cats. Even under the terms of “murder” and torture of animals, cats deserved to be shot to death. ESPECIALLY under the terms of the definition of murder and torturing animals to death — if it is going to be used to describe deaths of animals; outdoor cats most certainly deserve a death-sentence for just being the witnessed, confirmed, and unstoppable animal-torturing serial-killers that they are.

      If you believe that killing any animal is “murder”, then all outdoor cats must be given a death-sentence for all their heinous “murderous” crimes against all of nature and all of humanity. You can’t have it both ways!

      • You’re wrong RK!! Even in rural Texas killing a cat is illegal. And, now everywhere in the US you can be charged with a felony. And, post conviction you will be placed on an FBI track list. People who abuse animals have been known, and are now legally considered, to be dangerous to society. Better think of another way, smart guy.

        • Kit, you are correct. It is illegal even in Texas. The person you are arguing with likes to operate outside the law or at least he likes to say he does. He is a troll.

            • She was not charged because the prosecution service presented a poor case to the Grand Jury. The point is she could have been charged (i.e. potentially she had committed a crime) otherwise why involve the Grand Jury. This simple fact undermines your arguments. You cannot make anymore comments on this page.

              • If what you claim is true, then you wouldn’t have edited-out the REAL reason from my comment that would totally reveal what a…(remainder deleted as rude – Admin).

                Reply from Michael (Admin): you are annoyed. I must have pushed the correct button. I must have made you realise that you are wrong.

    • We can all surmise from your comments then, that it won’t take the loss of just ONE of your cats until you grow-up into a responsible and respectable adult. Right? 🙂

      You’ve made that pretty clear. Good to know.

      • Who’s comments? Try addressing your comments. As for me I am responsible. I talk to my neighbors. And I believe they have the right to not have cats in their yard. Out of about 20 I only met one who didn’t want them in your yard. And he was very nice about it. I bought two motion detector sprayers to put in his yard to solve the problem. I was spayed and neutered most of the neighborhood stray cats so that there is not an overpopulation problem. Most of mine are either in the house or in an enclosure. But, I agree. This guy is a troll. I say don’t feed the troll. And Vandom from this blog. He’s been on POC comments before. He doesn’t have to like cats but his willingness to torture and kill any living creature makes him a dangerous individual. Ostracize him.

  8. In the USA they use much simpler and less cost-effective and time consuming methods to get rid of any neighbor’s unwanted cat. It only needs to be applied one time for only pennies per cat. The problem permanently solved for everyone. It’s only a matter of time until that barbed-wire comes down and that resident learns their valuable and inexpensive, one-time, “cat-deterrent” lesson from everyone in the USA on how to deal with a criminally-negligent and disrespectful cat-owning neighbor.

        • Acetaminophen (paracetamol) tablets, .22’s, or any Lilium species plants (harvested & dried, fresh pollen or blossoms, or even water in which some lilium blooms have been kept in a vase). All costs under 7-cents per cat, the problem solved permanently, and it only needs to be applied one time per cat. With an added benefit is that after the irresponsible and disrespectful neighbor loses enough cats this way they finally grow-up into a respectable and responsible adult too at long last. Win, win, win, win, all around! Irresponsible cat-owning neighbors who disrespect all other lives around them never learn their lesson on the loss of just one cat. They have to lose many of them this way until they even start to learn — they’re just that stupid and that immature. The ones by me lost hundreds of their cats before they started to grow-up into responsible and respectable adults. But they finally did! No free-roaming cats anywhere at all anymore, for years! You just have to be patient with them and keep making their cats permanently disappear until they do finally grow-up and learn how to be a responsible pet-owner.

    • Ralphy (aka Woody) – you are referring to bullets, I know. Such a programmed response as to be extremely boring. You are so predictable. Whatever you do don’t insult people because if you do you know what happens.

    • And, what is your suggestion as a deterrent for birdies crapping on my porch and car? Asenic laced seed, bird baths filled with water and liquid phenobarbital, rifles? Perhaps you’ve noticed, Jim, that birds don’t have the brains that were given to turnips.
      Go watch your birdies and safeguard them. In other words, get the hell out of here.

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