New cat-kicking craze has spread from the States says a British journalist

A British thug (a “schoolboy”) who enticed two cats over by feigning friendship and then viciously kicking them, all on video, was influenced by a craze in America says a journalist writing for The Sun, a well know British tabloid newspaper.

16-year-old pets cat before kicking him/her
16-year-old pets cat before kicking him/her
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It is a provocative and interesting theory. Well, the reporter claims it is fact because he claims, out-and-out, that there is a cat-kicking craze in the USA and this British idiot (he has to be an idiot) has copied the craze to show off on video.

Kid kicks cat
Kid kicks cat

I wrote about this incident recently (click on this link to read about it – this link opens a new window so you can stay on this page). I do recall that not long ago there was a viral story about an American of similar age doing the same thing. Elisa wrote about that story (read about it by clicking on this link). I think the journalist was referring to this American crime.

Kid kicks cat
Kid kicks cat

There is no doubt that there is a great similarity. Both men are young and black. On both occasions the crime was committed casually as if it was for entertainment.

The American cat kicking version took place in May of 2014, more than two years ago. Perhaps there have been other similar incidents reported in the online news. I have not seen any though. I do check “cat news” daily.

Personally, I think the British journalist whose name is Jake Ryan is being too provocative. I don’t think it is possible to suggest that there is a cat kicking craze in America. You certainly can’t say that on the basis of one incident (if that is the case).

Either way, it is a very degenerate crime of huge immorality and inhumanity. Pet Abuse UK said it was a..

“grotesque act of violence which must be faced down by the right-thinking people in society”.

Regarding the recent British version of this crime, we are told that a 16-year-old individual has been arrested. This is unsurprising as both crimes were arrogantly and ignorantly filmed by a colleague and posted on Facebook where they attracted over a million views. It truly is degenerate behaviour and I am not only referring the “boy” who did the kicking.

The American version:

The British version:

You compare.


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