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New Cat Personality Test Helps You to Become a Better Owner — 6 Comments

  1. I can understand why she would be skittish, when she survived on a heavily trafficked bridge as a tiny kitten. When they come into a life of dangers, they learn to be wary. My cat was born to a stray, on the street. Fortunately, it was a dead end, so just the normal neighborhood traffic, but still she was very skittish when I started feeding her and her mom.

    I’ve noticed after 6 years of having her, that even in the past year, she’s become much more affectionate and jumps on my lap (after an invitation) just about any time she’s awake. I don’t know if her two recent health issues and vet visits have had anything to do with her being more affectionate, since she knows she can trust me.

    Even after all these years, she still does things she’s never done before, like sleeping in the crook of my arm last week. But hasn’t done it since, and doesn’t normally sleep with me. We’ve had a guest staying several days, so that may have been the reason.

    Rescue Remedy can be helpful in fearful cats, though I haven’t used it myself.

  2. My latest rescue ‘Irelynn’ who is a Torti is real skittish and I dont know why,I found her almost 6 months ago on a heavily trafficked bridge and she was between 8 and 9 weeks of age at the time,only time she will cuddle is when I have retired for the evening and am settled into my chair to watch the telly,she then will come up and snuggle on my lap or beside me on the chair and I fear she will not out grown her skittish ways but I dont care,I will take any affection I can get from her,she is my baby,the photo is her!

    • She’ll probably stay a bit skittish all her life but will mellow as she becomes an adult. She is very cute indeed – gorgeous in fact. Still tiny.

  3. My cat Mitzy, was a previous feral, and has always been fearful of strangers. She’s now 7 yrs. and is becoming more accepting of friends who visit. She never ran away, but would swat at people who tried to pet her. The best way to get her acceptance is talking softly, and moving very slowly, letting her sniff your fingers or hand.

    My house mate has a cat that’s left alone in her room a lot, since she works away from home for days. When she comes home, she lets the cat out, who promptly chases Mitzy. There’s some hissing, and then my cat runs and hides. My cat was here first, but allows the other cat to dominate.

    However, when she’s out in the yard, she will chase after a couple of other cats, one Calico in particular who lives nearby, and is free roaming. She always makes a bee line for the Calico’s house, and sits patiently waiting and staring to see if she appears.

    She’s even broken free from the halter and leash to go after this cat. The other day when we went out, she ran to a favorite grassy area, and discovered the Calico hidden in the grass. The chase was on! I’m fearful about this because of cars. The cat must have jumped onto her porch and into her house, because Mitzy came back in less than a minute.

    So, she’s submissive with one cat, and dominant with another. She’s not outgoing or friendly with other people, and seems to be a one person cat. She was deemed “unadoptable” by the shelter, and I imagine that if I die before her, she’ll revert to that original label. For that reason, I’ve requested that she be euthanized, rather than go through suffering in a cage, only to be killed after the month long evaluation/holding time.

    I feel that it’s my duty as her guardian to protect her from harm, when I die, as I have in life.

    • I love your comment Sandy. It shows the complexity of cat personality and your keen observation of what is going on. Tests likes the one I have written about are a blunt instrument in assessing personality. You are a very thoughtful cat guardian.

    • Sandra my heart breaks to hear that but I understand completely,when I’m gone it has been understood my cats are not to be rehomed and I told hubby if he does that to any of my cats I will haunt him and he believes it!

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