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New charges filed in Asheville ritualistic cat mutilation case; bond increased to $20,000 — 17 Comments

  1. This is Shariah’s Instagram account where she continues to spew her lies and hatred towards animals via her world online. You have to remember these sick fucks posted these photos online to get more Instagram followers and to seem ‘edgy’, they killed the cat for their own sole sick entertainment. I called the Asheville police department with all the information I was sitting on several times and they never got back to me or wanted to hear from me about the evidence against them I had.

  2. Here’s an excerpt from a post online from Shariah(scumtopian is her Instagram handle)and Jace(j_roc666_hsrp is his Instagram handle) about how they’re supposedly innocent and how everyone are liars. They’re bragging about how much money they made even tho they’re running from the law.

  3. Here’s the most recent photo I found of spoons online when he was ‘visiting'(more like hiding out cuz everyone in the world hates him) with friends in Charlotte, N.C.

  4. There is nothing interesting about any of these people. The bullshit he posted about his mom, was to get a rise out of her and everyone else. His mom, much like anyone, cares about what people think, and he hates her for it because she wants nothing to do with him. This was his way of getting back at her, like any typical, punk ass would do. He mutilates animals because they are smaller and helpless, and he has the urge to dominate and destroy. How many lions, panthers, or tigers has this pussy tried mutilating? None, that’s because they would rip him a new asshole.

    So what is it you find interesting about any of them, they are all trolls, who happen to be white, probably have some inbreeding on one side of their parents, they are a classic case of fucking losers bred right out of the south, no doubt.

    You know why he picks on cats? Because his father loved their pet cat more than he loved him. Instead of buying him a new baseball glove, he bought the cat a new self cleaning litter box. The cats bed was next to his dads side of the bed.

    Lmao jealousy is an ugly truth, and these freaking 3 are some of the ugliest freaks I’ve ever seen, and that’s the truth right there.

  5. Deviant behavior starts in childhood. I read the incest comments made. Mental health with serious evaluation. Threat to society as well. Send him to Butner State Hospital for criminally insane.

  6. Michael may add even more. He’s researching Spoon. I knew when I posted this that it would turn into a joint effort. We do this a lot these days.

    • Spoons is in an interesting person. Although it is hard to find out much about him. He was influenced by his mother 🙂 I wonder if she has tats on her face too…

  7. According to a comment on the APD Facebook thread only Zachary Greene remains out of jail at this time. The other 2 are locked up.

    • The update is the first paragraph. Only 2 sentences. The rest are only details. It’s sad because if Spoon is out of the state already I don’t see him being extradited.

    • I have to responded to your comment, Anne, and added a little intro which the police’s latest update from their FB page. I don’t think it was available when Elisa wrote the article.

      Thanks for commenting.

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