New charges filed in Asheville ritualistic cat mutilation case; bond increased to $20,000

Two of the 3 suspects have been arrested and detained. ‘Spoons’ is the third. He’s on the run and they are looking for him.

“The suspects have been charged with one additional count of instigating cruelty to animals. As a result, Shariah Metzger and Jace Greene have seen their bonds increased to $20,000 each. APD is still seeking information on the whereabouts of Zackary Greene [aka ‘Spoons’ Full name: ZACHARY EUGENE GREENE].” – Asheville Police

This is an update in the cat ritualistic mutilation story I wrote about earlier this week.

Some details from the police

Facebook: Asheville Police Department posted on Facebook, November 2

“On October 25, 2018, the Asheville Police Department learned of an incident involving a series of acts of animal cruelty that had been circulated on social media. Our Animal Services Section initiated an investigation into the matter when they learned of its existence. Thanks to information sent by many of our concerned citizens, the suspects in the postings were quickly identified and interviewed. APD staff continued their investigation into the weekend, and the three suspects were charged with improper burial of an animal, a violation of city ordinance. Two of the three suspects have been located and arrested, and are currently being held in the Buncombe County Detention Center under a $15,000 secured bond. The third suspect, Zackery Eugene Greene, has yet to be located on his charges.

This incident remains under investigation by Animal Services staff and the Criminal Investigations Section. A necropsy will be conducted later in the week, and further charges may be possible in the coming days.

We understand that many members of our community are concerned and outraged about this incident. As additional information becomes available that we are able to release, we will do so. Our primary objective in this matter is to present a case to the District Attorney for a successful prosecution of any person involved in this incident, and we remain fully committed to that goal.”

Zachary Eugene Greene - aka Spoons

Zachary Eugene Greene – aka Spoons still wanted by police

Please share this photo of Spoons with friends across the U.S. He’s known for riding the rails and could be anywhere in the country at this point.

Spoons – some background info

Incidentally, below is an interesting backstory to ‘Spoons’. It’s an image plucked from Facebook which is circulating around the internet. It provides us with an insight into his background. His mom taught him to be what he is! I’d love to see his mom.


Spoons backstory

And finally a Toledo Police Dept. mugshot of Spoons from Nov 17 2017 when he was arrested for various offences including disorderly conduct:

DOB: 2/17/1988 Age: 29, Male, Caucasian, 5ft 10in, 160lbs.


Greene aka Spoons from Nov 2017.

Anyone with information is asked to call the APD at (828) 252-1110.

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New charges filed in Asheville ritualistic cat mutilation case; bond increased to $20,000 — 8 Comments

  1. Deviant behavior starts in childhood. I read the incest comments made. Mental health with serious evaluation. Threat to society as well. Send him to Butner State Hospital for criminally insane.

  2. Michael may add even more. He’s researching Spoon. I knew when I posted this that it would turn into a joint effort. We do this a lot these days.

    • Spoons is in an interesting person. Although it is hard to find out much about him. He was influenced by his mother 🙂 I wonder if she has tats on her face too…

  3. According to a comment on the APD Facebook thread only Zachary Greene remains out of jail at this time. The other 2 are locked up.

    • The update is the first paragraph. Only 2 sentences. The rest are only details. It’s sad because if Spoon is out of the state already I don’t see him being extradited.

    • I have to responded to your comment, Anne, and added a little intro which the police’s latest update from their FB page. I don’t think it was available when Elisa wrote the article.

      Thanks for commenting.

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