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New home for Tesco cat after fears he had been ‘ejected’ — 10 Comments

    • I thought that too, Leah.
      Supposedly, he has a home.
      Why wasn’t he deposited there?
      Is his “new home” the kennel outside?

  1. If they sourced a really nice affordable cat tree and gave Mango that in the foyer I am sure some people with cats would see it and want to buy one, everyone is happy, sadly Tesco has bigger problems to think about than a cat in the foyer nowadays.

    • Great idea, Alan. Why didn’t they think of that? That is real lateral thinking because they could do a roaring trade in domestic cat accessories and cat trees. They have the perfect salesman in the foyer.

  2. Mango looks and sounds like a real character. He has the archetypal tom cat round face.

    I noticed in some of the photos on-line yesterday that he was sitting inside a KatKabin and I wondered who’d bought that for him.

    I think you’re right that Tesco seem to be embarrassed/worried about it becoming widely known how much time he was spending inside the store. Maybe they received complaints from some people regarding potential hygiene issues? It’s a shame because he wasn’t causing any harm in the foyer and may even have attracted extra trade for them.

    • Yes, although Mango is popular there will be some who are squeamish about his presence and the management will probably be squeamish too (normally men) but the ladies who are on the floor doing all the work will be supporting Mango. It is a gentle battle between the ‘fors’ and the ‘againsts’ and the solution sort of reflects that (between the two solutions of ejection and acceptance).

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