New Jersey Assemblyman Inspired by New York State to Try and Ban Declawing In New Jersey

New Jersey Assemblyman, Troy Singleton, says that he has been inspired by New York State’s attempt to ban declawing. In New York State a ban remains possible but the Bill has yet to be enacted. Nonetheless Troy Singleton wants to try the same thing in New Jersey.

Declawing cats saying by Jackson Galaxy

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In this instance, he wants to make declawing of domestic cats an act of animal cruelty by adding the operation to the list of existing animal cruelty offences. This is highly appropriate and a very sensible way to proceed. It would mean simply amending an existing New Jersey statute.

Under the proposed amendment, a veterinarian caught performing declawing would be convicted of a criminal offence with a sentence of up to 6 months in jail or a $1000 fine. In addition, the client, the cat’s owner, would also be subject to the same criminal charges and punishment.

The good thing about this development is that New York state has inspired another legislator in another state to think about eliminating the cruel operation of declawing from an entire state. Up until now there have been 8 city bands of declawing, all in California, but a statewide ban would be something else. It would be a massive advance in the anti-declaw campaign.

People like me who hate declawing, of which there are many people, would like to see a snowball effect if and when one state bans declawing or makes it a criminal offence. It will be possible, even likely, that other states would follow, leading ultimately to a nationwide end to this aberration within the veterinary profession. There is no place for it. It is out of place in the 21st-century.


8 thoughts on “New Jersey Assemblyman Inspired by New York State to Try and Ban Declawing In New Jersey”

  1. Again I want to make it clear that declawing an animal is a barbaric act of cruelty and something I would never have done to my cats.

    Eva_For those out there still miss-informed; Let me remind you that the vet not only takes the claws> But Cuts off the cats FINGERS at the first joint !!!!!!!!

  2. Good direction to move. And it is animal cruelty. Speaking of which I seen the commercial for a new season of Dr. Pol.

      • It’s on Animal Planet so I’m not sure how to access it. I just thought why ? The man was sanctioned by the vet board and the licensing board but AP thinks he’s cool ? he reminds me so much of the vet that overdosed Kitten. They look like good old country doctors. They’re really idiots who are operating in the past.

        • M E King,

          Fortunately Animal Planet has been airing some rather remarkable “veterinary” series. I really enjoy Dr. Jeff- HE has 70,000 clients, a huge staff of vets, techs and office staff. He makes veterinary treatment affordable for many folks who would not be able to afford it and he and staff have been to Mexico and recently the Rosebud Reservation to perform free neuter/spay and other necessary work for those folks who cannot afford anything. There is another program “Vet’s Lives” I believe which follows Dr. Jeff. It is an interesting show- a more “high class” practice but one that has recently gone mobile to do low cost N/S. Dr. Pol (ugh) could learn a lot about prudent and professional veterinary care if he watched how these docs work.


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