New kitten excites dog into making weird sounds

Kylie tries to calm down her pitbull as he sees a new kitten for the first time
Kylie tries to calm down her pitbull as he sees a new kitten for the first time. Screenshot.
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This is a cute Instagram, TikTok video doing the rounds on social media. An overly excited pitbull got to meet a new kitten and in the video you can see Kylie Alexis doing her best to calm him down (@kyliealexis16). The interesting aspect of the video is the strange sounds that the dog makes. At the moment I don’t have the dog’s name.

The dog is three-years-of-age and the video was uploaded on October 30. It’s notable because it has received 4 million views. People do like the strange, exotic and a little bit weird, in this instance. Kylie said that the sounds were made because her dog became really excited. He likes cats and kittens and grew up with them.

She said that he makes this sort of sound all the time, such as when he wants food and “to go to the potty”. The dog and kitten had been separated for two weeks because he or she had been found by the side of the road and rescued and was being slowly introduced to the dog after a vet check up.

I’ve seen another video of this dog and kitten after they got together and they get along really well. Clearly the dog is nicely socialised towards cats and kittens. Comments to the video included two other pitbull owners who said that their dog had reacted in a similar way under similar circumstances.

One of them said that her dog made the same sound when her father came back from deployment and the dog became overly excited. It seems to be a pitbull trait. Another said that her female pittie reacted in the same way, “when she finally got to meet the baby I had been hiding in my belly for nine months”.

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