New kitten nursery at Greenville shelter features adorable kittens available for fostering

Greenville County Animal Care Services (GCACS), a kill shelter located in Upstate South Carolina, is well on its way to becoming no-kill. Their newest project is a brightly painted kitten nursery.

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The shelter takes in between 40 and 50 kittens per day. Many are orphans whose mom was either hit by a car or abandoned her litter. GCACS needs the community to help with supplies to feed and care for the kittens. Foster homes are also in demand this time of year.

The staff at GCACS will be hosting kitten showers where the community can visit the kittens and learn all about fostering. In an interview with WSPA, community relations coordinator stated

“It’s really a very rewarding experience because these young kittens that come into our animal shelter are the most vulnerable so when you foster a kitten, you truly are saving a life.”

Please take the time to watch this short but adorable video the Greenville shelter posted on their Facebook page.

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If you’d like to contribute to the kitten project, a link to donate through Amazon can be found here. Those wishing to foster should stop by the Greenville shelter located at 328 Furman Hall Road in Greenville.


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