New Mexico teen facing charges after video surfaces showing alleged cat abuse

A New Mexico teen is facing charges after a disturbing video surfaced showing how he allegedly abused a cat, KOB4 News reported October 19. First of all, let me say I haven’t seen the video and I don’t WANT to see the video.

cat being abused
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Destiny Sevier was furious after she saw the video online showing the teen as he put the cats face in his mouth. He then put the cat in the fridge and declared

“We’re eating cat for dinner tonight.”

The teen can also be seen putting a pizza cutter against the cat’s throat.

In an interview with KOB4 News, Destiny described what it was like to see the cat being tortured stating

“I was furious, absolutely furious. I reached out to a few friends of mine who do work for the police department (in the Rio Rancho community) and I went ahead and called dispatch.”

The teen would be charged as a juvenile, meaning a slap on the wrist that disappears from his record when he turns 18.

Although Destiny offered to take the cat, Rio Rancho police assured her the cat was fine and would be monitored to ensure it wasn’t injured.

There are some interesting comments being made on the KOB4 Facebook page. A comment by Gabe said “Yeah really was he beating the cat? ?? Throwing it around ??? Stomping on it ??…he put it in the fridge for like 10 seconds and ppl are calling for his head ….like really get a grip of yourselves ….they stated multiple times the cat was safe and the kid was just being dumb ….u ppl over react to everything.”

Andromeda replied on the same post “The thing is, when children do abusive things to animals, it is a HUGE indicator of behavior later on. It may seem innocuous at the time, “boys being boys”, but history has shown that kids who do bad things to animals end up doing REALLY bad things as adults.”

Seriously, readers, what do you feel is a good punishment for abusing the cat? Sound off in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “New Mexico teen facing charges after video surfaces showing alleged cat abuse”

  1. How do the Rio Rancho police KNOW that this poor cat will be “fine?” How is the cat being monitored? If he is a juvenile, are his parents monitoring him? Do they even care? Obviously this cat has been emotionally, and possibly physically, abused already.

    Sometimes the threats that appear hollow turn out to be real. I feel sad and worried for this poor cat to be in this situation where people find it humorous. 😭😰😰

  2. I would put money on that event not being the first time that poor cat was abused. Videoing it wouldn’t be the first thing a first time abuser would do. It takes some confidence.

    Voluntary Human Extinction just rocks!

    The fewer babies born, the fewer totally useless parents there will be. No matter the country, this crap happens to cats all over the world, rarely is there an outcry in defence of the poor cats

  3. If this had been a dog in New Mexico there would have been an outright cry for justice. As you can see the treatment of cats in NM is deplorable. It is a strong undercurrent that isn’t spoken about out loud. Humane laws are for dogs here not cats. Albuquerque is about the only place where cats even come close to being equal in protection by AC and humane societies.

    • I’m thinking the same thing about the cat in Laurens. They’re just sweeping it under the rug. I’m hearing bits and pieces but no news they’re actively seeking a suspect. Yet a dog with tape around its mouth gets a LOT of attention. I may even do an article on that today.

      • Please do the disparity is sometime sickening. All animal abuse is sickening but cats are often simply glossed over and treated like they don’t count. Our county shelter told me ANY cat that ACTS feral is put down right away. However dogs that are aggressive and have killed livestock just need a home with a good fence. We had another back and forth when they offered to use their ‘office cat’ to see if a dog they knew nothing about was cat friendly. I asked if the cat got a say in that. Their reply was they’re very experienced and careful of course no consideration if the cat is terrified by the dogs response. It’s also the dumbest idea to think that how a dog in a strange situation behaves to a cat is going to tell you squat.


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