Pet microchipping

Pet microchip scanning. PIcture in public domain.

The picture shows a veterinary clinic where a cat is being scanned for a microchip. You don’t have to rely on a veterinary clinic to do this. If you find a lost cat you can reunite that cat with their owner. You can purchase a scanner on Amazon for about £50. The scanner will tell you the chip number. You can then find out online which chip company has that number and contact the chip company. The chip company will have on their database the contact details of the cat’s owner. They then contact the cat’s owner and tell them to contact you, the person who has found the cat. It is convoluted but you can get that cat back with their owner if you are inclined to do so and committed enough! It is long-winded because the data protection laws which bar you from accessing the owner’s details on the microchip. Those details have to be retained and kept safe by the microchip company’s database.