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New Rare Feline Breed Discovered on Galápagos Islands: Research Scientist Rejoices — 34 Comments

  1. Speaking of husbands, I read the blog to my husband Marty to make sure it read ok:) He was really into it… asking questions about the cat- interrupting me from time to time to inquire more about the kitty.

    I actually got him “good”, especially after he “got” me, when all of a sudden looking totally serious, he exclaimed that his lower teeth were loose. That scared me a LOT. I had to get back at him- and I did!!!! hee hee!

  2. I am a very happy camper. I am sending the link to my vet- she was here for Sir Hubble – his blood pressure is entirely normal.

    With a straight face I told her that there was a new exotic cat breed discovered. She was so excited to hear this- and she is looking forward to reading my blog about it. I also put the blog on her clinic’s facebook page:) I am SO bad.. but I am happy that I brought some laughter here today:)

  3. That was backward but you get the idea. I thought you were going to tell us the cat could extrude a shell when it wished and crawl under it for shelter during inclement weather or predator attack.

    • Elizabeth, I don’t blame them at all! After all keeping territories strong are sorely kneaded. Loved your comment!

  4. LOLOL…. I had a strong suspicion when I read the article title….. and I was right… but it’s a terrific article Jo…so creatively written. Thanks!

  5. yeah, well, variety is the spice of life, and wouldn’t we all like one of each!!!

    good one. I’ll have to try this on my husband, he’s expecting it but never knows FROM WHERE….. mmwwaAAhhhAAAAA

  6. LOL All I could think of was that crazy vet found a “new” species again and was breeding them. I should drink coffee before I read thing on April 1st. 🙂 Thanks for the morning laugh Jo.

  7. Aww Caroline,

    You shared this rare cat’s secret birthing area. Now all the tourists on the Islands will be on the lookout for the blue-footed booby, waiting with cameras on hand.

    Oh well, do we really need another cat breed?

    • I thought you did a very imaginative and creative job on this Jo. I’m not sure where you got the ideas from but they’re very clever and I enjoyed reading the article.

      I really like the wide variety of articles that we write on PoC, which I think makes it unique.

    • Ha! no. But it is so cool what happened down in that part of the world evolution-wise (wysiwyg). That shy Platypus, for one, still holds me in awe of nature!

  8. Give her half a chance, she’ll be telling us it was hatched from an egg underneath a blue-footed booby, pecking it’s way out with a “striped” platypus-like spur from its hind webbed paw…

  9. Alas, my annual elaborate April Fool page had to be postponed due to PC failure (its replacement hasn’t arrived yet).

    • Sarah, I thought you might enjoy this. I know you like April Fools’ Day webpages.

      I thought Jo did a nice job. Very creative. It was her idea.

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