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New US Federal Law Will Dramatically Reduce Lion Trophy Hunting — 5 Comments

  1. I hate current day hunting. I can see it if your family is starving but that is almost never the case. Why the response of these people to the sight of a beautiful powerful animal is to kill it, I will never understand. True strength would be to see a man take on a lion, mano a mano, with no weapons. That would be a true test of strength. To me these are weak,cowardly people who like to kill. . .it makes them feel powerful.

  2. “Note 1: Cecil was not killed initially by Palmer’s arrow but killed later after being injured. It is not clear whether he was shot with a gun or if a bow and arrow was used again.”

    You sure don’t know much about hunting, do you. Ever get out of your basement much?

    Even in the USA a bow-hunter is given a FULL DAY to track down a deer (or any game animal) that was only injured by an arrow and then slit its throat for LEGALLY REQUIRED AND LEGAL HUMANE DEATH BY EXSANGUINATION. To fail to do so, then the hunter faces steep fines if they don’t track down that game animal and slit its throat.

    The laws are no-doubt the very same in the UK.

    • Charming sport isn’t in? When it seriously injures an animal and leaves the animal in pain and massive distress for a day for the pleasure of the hunter before being slaughtered — and you enjoy this stuff. God, you are a horrible person. I do know this rule by the way. I have read about it before. The reason why I mentioned the delayed kill in Cecil’s case is to provide the facts. You are too eager to criticise and too keen to be rude, nasty and aggressive. Your nasty character comes through in your words.

  3. By discouraging law-abiding hunters to fund all the efforts needed to ensure the survival of game animals, then the only ones who will kill them are poachers and sell them on the black-market, without ever one penny going toward their continued survival and survivable population counts.

    In short: You have doomed the lion, like any native animal that is not backed by hunters that want them to exist forever, to death and eventual extinction.

    Nice going. I suggest you get your little fund-raising shoes a-shufflin’ and raise several $billions every year so that you can save them from certain extinction without hunting them. And since that’s NEVER going to happen you can kiss your lions good-bye. You’re all talk. All of you.

    • “By discouraging law-abiding hunters to fund all the efforts needed to ensure the survival of game animals”

      The words of a deluded wanker, really. This is American law, you fool. The people want this law and only nasties like you reject it for some false and deluded reasoning.

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